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“I woke last night to the sound of thunder, How far off I sat and wondered…”
We’ve been getting hit with some pretty damned strong thunderstorms the past 4 days, downpours of an inch in just a few minutes and booming thunder. I dig that shit.
I mean, even the rain….. Not only is it raining this late into the year (as far as California goes, anyways), but it’s raining like a motherfucker. In the San Joaquin Valley a steady sprinkle constitutes a storm with a Stormwatch interrupting your regularly scheduled programming every 10 minutes. Here it rains so hard you can’t see enough to drive even with your windshield wipers set on Haulin’ Ass and the fucking weather radio doesn’t even go off.
But it comes and goes – it’ll storm for an hour, then clear for 3 or 4 before another storm rolls in. Folks around here don’t cancel events for rain, they just postpone them for an hour or so.
What trips me out though is the rain here is warm. The only time it rained in California was in the winter and the rain is cold. Here I can wander out to the shed in the rain and not freeze my ass off.
But yeah, I can sit here for hours listening to the sound of thunder rolling across the countryside. To me it’s peaceful, calming. I’ve never lived in a place where it was a common sound.
It’s the little things in life.

What the fuck…
One of the reasons I moved out here was to live someplace where I could pretty much live my life without anybody fucking with me. I mean, I’m a pretty mellow dude, I don’t infringe on other folk’s Rights, I don’t fuck with nobody, I don’t try to run anybody else’s life and the only thing I ask is that I be treated the same way. Don’t fuck with me if I’m not fucking with you, right? That’s why I moved here, to be around folks with a like mind. It helps that the State Dish is damned near fried squash – I love fried squash.
When I left California, I thought I was leaving all this gun control bullshit behind me. No more dumbass fucking laws, no new restrictions, no more waiting periods and no more worries about somebody talking shit about taking my guns away.
Now it’s happening at the national level and much to my dismay and consternation, it’s not showing any signs of letting up. Politicians that you thought were on our side, people we voted for, are now joining the call for ‘common sense gun control’. MSM news organizations like CNN are inflating numbers by declaring any shooting even close to a school a school shooting and nobody’s calling them on it.
Hating on ‘assault rifles’ suddenly became the in thing. If there was any kind of shooting at all that was newsworthy, it involved an AR no matter what. The details wouldn’t even be released yet and CNN would be breathlessly reporting that the gun was an AR loaded with fully automatic high capacity clips. Give me a fucking break.
This last shooting with the young man using a shotgun and a handgun really fucked up their cha-cha though, didn’t it? Him not using an AR, that didn’t fit their agenda at all. Or did it?
The ball’s already rolling on semi-autos, now they can get started on handguns again and now shotguns at a federal level using the school shootings hysteria. “We must keep the children safe!”
Fuuuck you. Try taking a common sense approach – armed people on campus and a plan before something happens. Be proactive, not reactive. Today I saw where the Assistant Governor of Texas was saying they really should consider having fewer entrances to the schools to limit access. That’s proactive. I tell you what, I’ve visited my grandkid’s elementary school a few times and there is exactly one way into that school, and you have to buzzed through the door into a reception area when school is in session. There won’t be a school shooting there.
What strikes me funny is that they’re blaming the NRA and going after them. I’ve got news for those folks. It ain’t the NRA they need to be worrying about. There’s a whole bunch of us that think the NRA is waaay to lenient with our 2A Rights. We’re the ones they need to worry about. Bring it on, Junior. I’m waiting. I’m waiting because I’m too old to run and too pissed off to reason with.
Don’t want none, don’t start none.

Damn, that dog’s getting old and it seemed all catch up to him within a year’s time. He’s not nearly as active as he was this time last year. He’s stiff when he moves, has a hard time getting up and is perfectly content to just lay on the porch most of the day instead of being out fucking shit up.
My best guess as to his age is about ten. I got him back in March of 2010 and he was at least a year, maybe 18 months when I brought him home, although the people I got him from said they figured he was 5 or 6 whe they found him running the streets. I knew he wasn’t that old – he was too rambunctious and playful for that age. Besides, his teeth had absolutely no wear or stains at all. None that I could see anyways, trying to keep him from biting the shit out of me.
What’s killing me though is every other dog I ever had, their senses aged with their bodies. Not only did they get old physically, they got old mentally at the same pace. Not Charlie. He’s still just as sharp mentally as he ever was – his eyes are clear, his hearing is still all there and he’s just as alert as ever. The bad thing is, he knows he can’t go out and run and play anymore, but he doesn’t understand why and I really think it bothers him that he can’t do the things he used to. I have to boost his fat ass up into the truck and he looks almost ashamed to need my help, stopping right before he gets to the door and looking up at me with his ears back and those big ol’ yellow eyes.
Yeah, he’s an old man now. Right now he’s laying on his pad next to my Camouflage Bass Pro Easy Chair, knowing that when I pause while typing this, I’m gonna reach down and give him a nut-rubbin. He’s earned it.

My Garden
Ain’t happenin’ this year. The weather fucked me up – we went from temps in the 50s to the 80s damned near overnight. The grass and weeds just exploded – let me put it this way: I mowed today for the second time in 5 days. I bet it’s grown an inch in that time. Where my garden is was even worse because I can’t mow over the furrows. After I mowed, I went out and sprayed Round-up on it and was still thinking about borrowing my father-in-law’s tiller and turning it, but after seeing nothing but rock on the surface I’m not even sure I want to work that spot any more. I may just till it and seed it with grass. When I tilled it last year I spent hours and hours raking the rocks out and now it looks like I never even touched it with all those rocks percolating up. Fuckers.
Only problem is, that’s about the only level spot on high ground. I don’t know where else to put one.
I’m thinking I’ll skip it this year and just till a bunch of straw and compost into it, then spend my entire fucking summer picking and raking rocks. I’ll get my fresh produce and canning stock from the Amish about 10 miles up the road. It’s better quality and more quantity than I can ever hope to grow anyways.

And to Think Lisa Waited All Year For This
The Highway 52 yard sale this past weekend was a fucking bust. The past two years I’ve gone to it, the road between Portland and Lafayette was lined with booths and stands, but this year there were spots that you could drive 2 miles without seeing a single one. There’s a few spots where there’s a bunch of stands clustered like at Oak Grove and we stopped in there but it was either off brand Dollar Store crap or professional dealers with damned few actual locals selling their stuff. I was checking out an old antique crank phone, thinking “Hmmm, I’ll give him 30 bucks for it” and about shit myself when he said he wouldn’t go below $250 for it. Fuck that.
Lisa bought a couple knickknacks and the friend that was with us bought a hat rack for their new home. I didn’t buy anything mainly because I didn’t see any gun stuff anywhere. A couple years ago I scored 150 rounds of 22-250 for 50 bucks, I think. That was a pretty good score, it prints MOA so I can’t complain. That’s what I dinged that groundhog with a month or two ago. Funny thing I bought that ammo from another buyer that was standing next to me at a booth that had several rifles for sale. I asked the vendor if he had any ammo for sale and the guy standing next to me asked what calibers I was looking for. I started rattling off calibers I had and when I said 22-250 he grinned and held his hand up, saying he had some in his truck. Said he loaded them and then gave me the specs with enough intelligence I could tell he knew what he was doing.
But yeah, it was dead this year but like I mentioned early we had some pretty good storms then. They had forecast storms in the morning but we got out about 8 and while it was overcast we didn’t get a drop of rain the entire morning.

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39 Responses to Random Thoughts

  1. David says:

    After the Gun Free School Zones act was enacted in 1990 we began having school shootings. Makes you wonder if that was the purpose.

  2. drjim says:

    I know what you mean about the thunder. Rarely heard it in Kommiefornia, and now we hear it all the time.

    Reminds me of growing up in Illinois….

  3. nwoldude says:

    Maybe CharlieGodammit doesn’t like the weather in the Volunteer state.

  4. Dano says:

    Raised garden bud. That is all.

    • Andrew says:

      Yup. And your back will thank you during weeding and harvest. Just sucks during initial prep.

      Look for old railroad ties or even tires. Seen some spectacular gardens done in tires.

  5. Dave Brown says:

    I know what you’re saying about too old to run, and I think there are probably a lot of us out here.

    • crazyeighter says:

      Or as I tell people when they try to give me shit about my CCW, “I cannot run; I cannot stand and fight. I am too young to die and too old to take an ass-kicking.”

  6. Winston Smith says:

    I cannot say this sincerely enough for Charlie; Rimadyl (well, Carprofen, the generic). It turns arthritic elderly dogs into playful puppies again. Ask your vet.

    I quit on gardens cause farmers markets are so cheap. I only grow things that are basically weeds that you never have to fool with other than to harvest (tomatos, green beans, okra, etc).

  7. rebar says:

    Go to Hillsville VA on Labor Day Weekend Kenny if you feel the need to go to a yard sale. Nice gunshow too in the VFW hall. My only word of caution is that the younger ladies will dress inappropriately if the weather gets too warm.

    • riverrider says:

      don’t live too far from there myself. too many people at the sale for me and i never saw a good deal there, but the scenery was interesting.

  8. Sedition says:

    Same for the garden here in NW Florida. A late freeze killed off a lemon tree and a limequat tree. My other lemon got severely stunted, but is making a comeback. Blueberries ain’t for shit this year. Then it got hot as hell… Too hot for tomatoes. I’ll try for a fall garden this year. On top of that, the low pressure cell that gave you all those storms is drifting out into the Gulf, and they say that it “could” organize and go tropical already. It would fuck a young garden up. Fuck it…I’ll just cut grass and clean the pool this summer.

  9. Critter says:

    You have rocks in your soil? Welcome to Tennessee!

  10. Tennessee Budd says:

    I’m too old & crippled to run, so I remain armed.
    Kenny, at least CD gets to pass his old age in a peaceful (more or less) setting, in the country, with all kinds of cool shit to smell, & to investigate at his own sedate pace.
    Gardening (and mowing) around here in the spring is a get-it-while-you-can thing. Every year we get so much rain that my yard winds up knee-high. Pretty days, but by the time I get home it’s raining or has just done so. Same with busting up ground. That’s April & May in TN.
    My place faces west, so when a storm’s coming I love to sit on the front porch swing & watch it roll in, until the rain blows into the porch; it’s only 4 feet deep, so it doesn’t take much wind.
    Still and all, as the Dead said, “Ain’t no place I’d rather be”. Where did you think I got the nickname?

    • Wirecutter says:

      “Better get back to Tennessee, Jed”

      Our front porch faces west but we never use it, we prefer the back porch where there’s no traffic rolling past.
      Lafayette got hammered hard last night with the wind and the rain (there’s another Dead tune for you) – when I went into town this morning there were downed trees and limbs everywhere. We’re 5 miles outside of town and the wind never got above 5 mph and we didn’t get a drop of rain. Tennessee, baby…

      • Stevie says:

        Wake of the flood, said another Dead tune…and was the album name, too, unless I am misremembering….

  11. riverrider says:

    yeah kenny this shooter threw them for a loop. the radio jackasses reported it as an ar15 for three hours even after the tv idiots told the truth….nobody talking about the one in illinois where the shooter was stopped by a good guy in seconds and thus nobody died, not even the shooter. i think its weird how these things seem to come about right at the opportune time for the gun grabbers. my tin foil hat is buzzing. glad you’re liking it in tennessee. i think this gun shit will pass soon, or end in a fight soon. either way it don’t matter to me. i’ve bent over all i’m ever going to for them jackwagons. make me a crim, i’ll act like one.

    • Wirecutter says:

      One of my buddies who most definitely does not own a tin foil hat told me the other day that even he thinks it’s convenient that all these shootings are coming so close together.

      • crazyeighter says:

        Mebbe coming (or are being reported and reported and reported) in order to knock something else off the front page?

        What was the big story of the day before the Santa Fe shooting broke? Something about the FBI having a plant in Trump’s campaign?

  12. Stevie says:

    Hard to read about Charlie, bro. Been there with beloved dogs….

  13. Skip says:

    Rub his nuts for me, an’ give ‘im a bone.

  14. Andy says:

    Well Ken, I got two things;

    1. Weather has been quite different the past few years with this past April being one of the coldest in recent memory and so much rain last year and starting again this year, so, global warming my ass.

    2. As far as gun control on the national stage goes, I figure some nut case in BDUs that never served a day in uniform will do something extremely horrific that will initiate an immediate and swift response by .gov and it won’t be good for the law abiding citizens.

    Yes, gun laws need to change. The only changes that need to happen is a law that forces .gov and law enforcement to enforce current laws and the death penalty for those that go on these sprees. I mean an immediate death penalty public execution style. Let the MSM report that and lets see how many copy cats we get then.

    And dogs are weird. Guess thats why we bond so well them…we are weird too.

    • Wirecutter says:

      We actually got snow after Easter. Of course we had an early Easter, but still…

      • Heathen says:

        I remember having snow on Easter on several occasions back in the 50’s,those were early Easters also. It’s nothing new.

        There’s my old fart’s 2 cents for the day.

  15. Jeff says:

    If you take a notion to go to Hillsville, let me know thays the neck of the woods I grew up in, and Iā€™m about 45 minutes north of you in Ky.

  16. Bob says:

    Have a 13 year old Chow/Shepherd mix. He was moving slow and seemed achy, the vet recommended 100 mg of Ibuprofen and 500 mg of Turmeric every day. He has been on them for five months and is moving a lot easier and gets all four feet off the ground when he tries to get his food bowl away from me.

    • snuffy says:

      I’d do some research, if you’re giving ibuprofen. Most vets don’t recommend that. Go with k9 specific Rimadyl, or another only for dogs.

    • ignore amos says:

      Ibuprofen is not good for dogs, use a baby aspirin instead. No chocolate or walnuts either…

      • Bacon says:

        Different mechanisms. Baby aspirin helps with pain and thins blood but doesn’t reduce joint inflammation like ibuprofen.

  17. Chet says:

    To judge lightening distance from you, you need to see the flash and hear the thunder. Sound travels at 1140 feet per second. So you see the flash start counting seconds, 1 Wirecutter, 2 Wirecutter, 3 Wirecutter…each second the sound traveled 1140 feet. Then add them all up. A mile is 5280 feet, so about every 4.6 Wirecutters is a mile. Kinda, maybe, sorta. If the rain is coming down in buckets the sound travel will be distorted and some other stuff may distort the distance, like ground elevations, vegetation. But all in all you get a good estimate.

  18. Lofty says:

    Kind of related to the firearms issues.

    New Zealand statistics dept, or Immigration dept (whatever), just today announced that there are more USA folk migrating to good old NZ than NZrs heading your way, for the first time.

    We are being told that it is because more and more Americans want to come to a society where they feel safe, Oh, and they want to leave the political (Trump) scene behind.

    I got news for them…Welcome, but NZ has its issues also, sure we have not had the mass shootings (touch wood), but there is plenty of anti social behaviour here if you look.
    To be fair it is still Gods own country if you want it to be.

    Go figure ;-)

  19. Towser says:

    Ken, If only I had something to make Charlie feel better. I feel for ya bud. About the garden, we suck at growing things but we’ve had some success with raised beds. You and I have a long growing season, you can still do this. I don’t know about you but WE need the practice! Some day our lives might depend on it.

    Finally about the gun shit – I’ve had it with all of it. I’m tired of all of this – the idiots screaming for “common sense gun control” and everything else – blah, blah, blah. I’ve got one word for all those assholes: no.

    • Sanders says:

      I’m at that point, too. I won’t argue the 2nd anymore. I just say, “NO”.

      I do like Vanderboegh’s statement to the reporter, though – “If you try and take our guns, we will kill you.”

  20. Critter says:

    I second the motion on raised beds. I live on top of a chert ridge that has only a thin layer of soil. I’ve built four raised beds this year, to go with the two previous. Most years I grow so much stuff that I end up giving a lot of it away.

  21. Sanders says:

    We let our garden go fallow this year. I’ll till some manure into it, though.

    Another second on the raised beds. If you don’t mind how they look, tractor tires make great raised beds. That’s what I plant my strawberries in. Some folks paint them white so they don’t get so hot in the sun.

    My Aussie cattle dog is only 8, but is aging quickly. Dang “Humane” place we got her from spayed her at 5 weeks old. Vet said that really messed her up because it didn’t allow her to develop properly. She still thinks she’s a puppy, but gets that ashamed look when I lift her up into the truck, too. Our dog-friendly chiropractor adjusts her for free after hours, which helps her move better. My wife makes her appointments for the last of the day, and we take the dog with us.

  22. C.R. says:

    check out straw bale gardens. grow stuff on bales , then when the bales are done,put whats left in your raised beds.

  23. Bacon says:

    Hey Kenny,

    Re: My Garden

    If you handle things right this year, you can make future gardens much easier to manage. I mean, with a bit of work you can create a garden that won’t need any spraying to be relatively free of grass and weeds next year.

    1. Seeds are buried throughout the soil. Each time you till it, you expose and sprout a new set of seeds. It takes a whole bunch of soil turnings, and subsequent sproutings, to reduce the seeds sitting and “waiting” in the soil. The trick is to till multiple times in one season, timing the tilling so that you sprout everything on the surface just enough to kill it when you turn it again. Don’t till too deep at first, just enough to work your way down through the layers in subsequent turnings.

    2. If you till straw into it, make a point of using seed-free, weed-free straw. Otherwise you’re just planting grain. It costs a little more but saves you work later.
    (The cheaper alternative is to compost grass and straw and chicken manure in a big pile before you spread it over the garden, so it gets hot enough to kill the seeds. But that much heat takes a pretty big pile and a machine to turn it.)

    3. Rocks aren’t necessarily garbage, if you use them like mulch to stop the spread of grass back into the garden. First, define a 2′ or 3′ edge around the garden perimeter. Then mow it as short as you can and put down something (such as cardboard) to cover the plants, then cover that with rocks. Eventually the cardboard rots and the rocks act like a perimeter to slow the lawn from renewing its incursion.

    (Most of those old rock walls all over new england didn’t come from quarries, they came from Colonial Americans slowly removing and piling rocks from their soil at the edge of their fields, a little at a time, over many, many years.)

    4. Once you’ve turned the soil and killed several generations of sprouts, don’t just leave it for the winter. Figure out a way to cover it that won’t blow away. When you uncover it, you’ll have beautiful prepared soil already ready for your garden next spring.

    5. And finally, make things easier on yourself by skipping the furrows. Just till things flat this summer and plant in straight lines next year. Furrows help on flat, tractor tilled fields. You probably don’t need furrows if you’re on top of a hill and tilling in plenty of straw, both of which increase drainage.

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