“Sorry ’bout that”

CHICAGO (CBS) – Eighteen-year-old Naseem Stevens woke up early Wednesday evening by Chicago police officers busting in his bedroom door with guns drawn.

He says he was face down with officers pointing guns in a police raid, but it was the wrong home.

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9 Responses to “Sorry ’bout that”

  1. Un-Jolly Roger says:

    And the swine wonder why we hate them. Deeply apologize is abullshit response, make em pay dearly and display the faces of each moron involved on the perpetual web pig wall of stupid.
    Until these juiced up small puckered cops start losing pay and doing some jail for not being smart enough to recheck if they have the correct address, THEY WILL ONLY GET WORSE.
    The apartment manager needs to be sued for the same stupidity.

  2. Al says:

    And if the knuckle dragging Neanderthals had shot the kid? Oh sorry kindly disregard that hail of bullets. This shit has got to stop! Take away the cops assault weapons, drug test them weekly, including steroids, and dock their pay for stupid shit, and prosecute them for errors in judgment would be a good start!

    • Nemo says:

      …or tossed a flash bang into the kid’s bed and burnt half his face off and then have the Department contend, IN A PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT, that it was the kid’s fault. That one still makes my blood boil. Then they wonder why the average citizen thinks they’re the Keystone Cops. Sorry, I didn’t mean to disparage the Keystone Cops.

  3. JeremyR says:

    End raids like that. Night and fog were nazi constructs. If the cops can’t make the raid between 9-5, there is a serious problem. The only time they should be allowed the late night BS is when lives are at stake, and I do not mean police lives.

  4. Towser says:

    Anybody want to venture a guess what will happen when a “cop” sticks a gun in the wrong person’s face and gets shot? I put “cop” in quotes because, really, who knows if the person is actually a leo until their creds have been verified? Lot’s of pretenders out there.

  5. Westcoastdeplorable says:

    Next time, double check that address. Dumbasses!

  6. whynot says:

    We (SO) were asked to provide the initial entry and security for ATF in the early 90s. My TL wanted to do his due diligence but got pushed into hurrying up by the Feds…….end result, we hit the wrong house, luckily no one was home. My sheriff was livid. Publicly told ATF we would NEVER work with them again……and we didn’t (at least as long as I was there). This was right before Waco…..

  7. bart simpsonson says:

    His name is Naseem though, so there is your justified suspicion right there, I’d say.

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