Students say Trump doesn’t deserve Nobel, but Obama does

Students at UC Santa Cruz were quick to shoot down the idea of President Trump winning the Nobel Peace Prize, but had no such qualms about Barack Obama winning the prize in 2009.

Since his election in 2016, President Donald Trump has made clear his willingness to use force against North Korea and leader Kim Jong Un if they were unwilling to denuclearize and come to the negotiating table.

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5 Responses to Students say Trump doesn’t deserve Nobel, but Obama does

  1. anonymous says:

    Although some will question Trump’s qualifications for earning this prize, I can’t think of one damn reason why Obama was awarded it. Peace prize – hell, his administration STARTED a whole lot of crap in the Middle East. The Nobel Peace prize has become a participation trophy – a total sham. Alfred Nobel would be ashamed I think.

  2. fjord says:

    why does anyone bother asking students anything?

    • Wirecutter says:

      To watch them make asses out of themselves?

    • Chet says:

      I believe we should begin to ignore any and all things from millennial scum. 99% of them are worthless idiots. We should deport them to Uganda. Anyone who makes their way back gets to stay.

  3. Padawan says:

    Obummer was in office how long when he paid off the comittee for his award and did what exactly to earn it?

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