Teacher sues to push her lifestyle on your kids

What does art have to do with homosexuality? Everything according to a lesbian who is suing a Texas school district after she was suspended for teaching her elementary students about being gay. Okay, there’s a lot of gay people in the art world, but this wasn’t an art history class, it was little kids making macaroni art and dream catchers.

The NY Daily News reports:

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13 Responses to Teacher sues to push her lifestyle on your kids

  1. anonymous says:

    Are you sure that isn’t David Hogg ? Sure appears to be a resemblance, that ‘sneer of superiority’ is a perfect match.

    School districts have a lot of leeway to hire / fire teachers. Suing your school district is NOT the way to stay in their good graces.

    Here is a link to Texas Classroom contract terms.


  2. Cavguy says:

    Look you homos if you 1. would keep your unnatural life style in the closet 2. Stop pushing your life style onto everyone else 3. Stop changing/pushing laws to favor your unhealthy behavior 4. Leave our kids alone, I might not despise and laugh at you.

    I call them,(homos) (my sister-in-law) “Dead End Gene Pool”. As they will not reproduce.


    • Sanders says:

      They reproduce through recruitment. Where better to recruit than to brainwash young, vulnerable children in government mandated confinement?

      • Unclezip says:

        From a commenter: “She doesn’t want to teach high school because she knows if children aren’t indoctrinated by age of 8 it’s too late! Simple.”

  3. Al says:

    That’s exactly why I tell people “do not send your kids to government schools! Home school them, they will get the quality education they need and deserve. You will learn with them and they won’t get the indoctrination of people you don’t know and can’t influence! “

  4. nwoldude says:

    Citizens should take care of this…..after school.

    “In addition to the lawsuit, Bailey is demanding that the school district institute a policy that would protect gay teachers’ right to indoctrinate youngsters in the ways of LGBTism.”

  5. Gryphon says:

    These are the Ones that need to be Killed.

  6. Steenkinggreengo says:

    if that isn’t her own fist on her chin, maybe she is getting what she deserves as we speak

  7. DanB says:

    God forbid that I would attempt to share my faith. But you go right ahead and indoctrinate all you want.

    Come on Texas; for pity sake.

  8. Kurt says:

    Not the real Texas, for sure. “Arlington” should give everyone a clue. If not, that’s in the D/FW metroplex which is lorded over by Dim-O-cRats. I’d wager the douchebag is an immigrant from the PRK.

  9. Westcoastdeplorable says:

    Young kids have enough pressures w/o worrying about their sexual orientation before they’re old enough to have sex. So called “teachers” like this should be fired and banned from the profession.

  10. Daniel K Day says:

    That reminds me of one of the 3rd grade teachers in my elementary school, Miss Tilia (spelling it how it sounded). This was the early sixties, but judging from her age at the time, she probably had been hired around or before 1950. She was as butch as they come. Short hair combed like a man, mannish woman’s suit. I was glad I was not in her class as a boy. Half the class snickered the first time she came in to talk to our teacher.
    LGBT activists would bitch and cry about how she was forced into the closet, but in those “backward” times, she was hired into a decent job, in daily contact with children, no less, and teachers treated her professionally without badmouthing her in front of us. All she had to do was leave the lesbian bullshit at home.
    Nowadays, that’s too much to ask. The pendulum will swing back hard as these jackasses find themselves unable to keep private matters private.

  11. Djamer says:

    From the story: “Amazingly enough, I’ve never had a job where I felt the need to push and promote my heterosexuality.”
    BUT very, very soon we will, because WE will be the damn “minority”. . .

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