There may just be a connection here

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6 Responses to There may just be a connection here

  1. FrankP says:

    Let me guess. The connection is that the same kind of people who claim racism is the root cause of pretty much everything are also stupid enough to legalize knowingly exposing an unsuspecting person to an STD, including HIV.

  2. wildbill says:

    If it’s not a felony to expose someone to AIDS will it also not be a felony to kill the person who did it?

  3. J says:

    Illegals are the carriers. And Californians voted for it

  4. Chuck Castagnolo says:

    Most of these insane laws are not voted by regular Californians. They are put together by the super majority of Democrats that run California unopposed. They are the reason this state is so screwed up. And the illegals and uneducated, low information voters who want to keep their freebies keep voting them back in.

  5. California southpaw says:

    What makes the grass grow and the bucks flow in California? Racism, racism, racism!

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