Those Ignorant Hicks Ruin Everything

I recently had a little argument that started with someone — no, I’m not going to say who, except to say a respected scientist who may have been in Boulder too long — announced that if people really knew how meat was produced, they’d think twice about eating it.

That struck me both arrogant and odd. I grew up on a cattle ranch; later in life, I cut meat for money. I’m pretty clear on the process from bull covering cow, to bull calf, to steer, to feedlot, to abattoir, to butcher. So my immediate reaction was “heh, city folks.”

My second reaction, almost as immediate, was to be annoyed.

The truth is that the people who actually do know from childhood how meat is produced are the least likely to have qualms about it. It’s the people who grow up thinking meat comes from the meat factory on a styrofoam tray, already wrapped in cling film, who never thought about the connection between steer on the hoof and steak on the table.

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4 Responses to Those Ignorant Hicks Ruin Everything

  1. fjord says:

    This person’s problem isn’t with the process of raising animals for meat, his problem is with the actual people who choose to do the dirty work so that he doesn’t have to.

    Typical entitlement mentality of the limousine liberals who never get their hands dirty, because people like this have no clue what goes into farming/agriculture in order for his cushy, meat at every meal lifestyle. He just knows he can’t survive without us.

    And since liberalism is a suicide cult, he wants us murdered first.

  2. ‘minds me of a friend of mine. her brother sent his city kids to her one summer because he and his wife had other necessities to attend to.
    when the city kids found out where eggs come from they refused to eat eggs thenceforth.
    their mom was mad at my friend!!

    • Tennessee Budd says:

      Heh—this sticks in my mind from “All in the Family”, and I was maybe 6 or 8 at the time.
      Archie came home & asked Edith what was for dinner. She replied “tongue of beef”. Arche blew his stack; he wasn’t going to eat anything that came out of cow’s nasty mouth! Asked what she should fix him instead, Archie told her a hard-boiled egg.
      I was a country kid, so even at that age I got the joke.
      Off topic, but as well as where meat comes from, country kids don’t have to have reproduction explained, either.

  3. Westcoastdeplorable says:

    It’s amazing to me how “city folk” are clueless about how food is produced. Of course that’s probably because I grew up on a farm and can still remember my Mom selecting which chicken we were inviting for dinner, then promptly cutting its head off!

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