Vicious bastards

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  1. idaho bob says:

    Dead peacock.


  2. CaptainWet says:

    We had 6 or7 where we rented. Never had one attack. But I was the one feeding the bastards. Didn’t need an alarm system though.

  3. Hillbilly says:

    We had a Peacock Dad got at an auction with a bunch of other stuff,chickens, ducks, some banti’s. One day it started. Started finding dead duck and chickens, They all looked to have been shot with a .22. One day Dad saw it happen right in front of him. Peacock cocked back her neck and wham! Hit that duck in the chest with her beak….. Dropped that duck like that, not much flutter or feathers.
    Dad actually apologized to me thinking I was shooting the fowl victims..

  4. Eric says:

    They also taste like turkey. Down in Puerto Rico they’re called “Royal turkeys” and you hardly ever see them wandering around loose ;)

    • Andrew says:

      Yes, they are quite tasty. The time the neighbors lost their peacock was not when I had one for dinner. Nope.

  5. Mike_C says:

    I’m guessing that’s NOT the girl’s emotional-support peacock.

    Dexter was just trying to board his flight out of the Newark airport in New Jersey when he and his travel companion, a conceptual artist who goes by the name Ventiko, were barred from entry. That’s because Dexter is a peacock, and a large one at that.

    “It’s complicated” says the article above. No, it’s not complicated. “Ventiko the conceptual artist” pretty much says all you need to know. And “travel companion”? Makes it sound like Dexter-the-Peacock made the reservations and paid for the tickets and this Ventiko person got invited along for the ride.
    >Royal turkey.
    I like that. Gonna file that away next to the thing about the Belizean local name for the Great Blue Heron being “full pot”. Heh.

  6. Sanders says:

    I heard you cook them up like pheasant.

    Had a pair hanging around. Don’t now.

  7. Lofty says:

    Pretty good eating, we clean a few up every year.

  8. Crawfisher says:

    They will kill snakes no problem

  9. Milo Mindbender says:

    My folks had one named Elvis, because he thought he could sing. Sounded like a rusty 8 penny nail pulled from a hickory log.
    Not a nice critter , but pretty when on display

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