Well, it works in theory…..

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  1. JB says:

    I told my wife all that women’s self defense shit looked like BS to me. I been in my share of altercations, won some, lost some, and didn’t nobody wait for me to react. Usually he who strikes first, hardest, and most often wins.

  2. Blu Vaner says:

    My wife carries a .40 Glock. Let’s test that and see how it works.

  3. paulb says:

    Yep. We teach a few that work in TKD. Some more in Krav Maga. But it you want to defend yourself spends some time and get some skills. Confidence will do more that watch some of these yahoos on the internet.

    Failed actors and poseurs most of them.

  4. Tsgt Joe says:

    In the mid 80,s I worked in a psychiatric hospital and physical management was part of the job. One night we were all gathered in the gym to get our mandatory annual training. The trainer was this big strapping nurse, she picked me for the “aggressor” I was 6’ 1” and 230 lbs . I really think she planned on putting me in my place as I had looked a bit unimpressed as she told us about her sure fire techniques. She didn’t win one, we spent so much time going to the mat that I told her she would owe me dinner if we continued. She got pissed when I told her later that I was studying Judo. She accused me of cheating. She, like most people who see a video or a demo of self defense techniques, didn’t understand real life happens a lot faster and harder than peopl without fighting experience can appreciate. My little sister also worked psych, got jumped doing rounds one night and was drug into a room and nobody heard her holler. None of those” sure fire techniques” worked. She was smart and quick enough to realize she was going to die if she didn’t win. She bit, scratched, punched until she could escape. If there is any point to my rambling it’s that if you are not prepared and willing to offer violence to violence you will lose.

  5. California southpaw says:

    I can tell you from personal experience there’s no cool music OR rules during an assault.

  6. Kathleen says:

    I’m a woman and got a bad scare in a parking lot. Took the ‘self defense’ class. Then I was told by the sensei that I needed to move up the the class that included men to ‘get better’. I did that. Then I was told by the black belt dude that ‘You know, you will not beat a man’. Okie dokie….dropped the class and with the money I saved I bought a gun. ^ ^

  7. putz says:

    That video of that woman was so bogus. Works great if the guy stands there like he has one weak arm and totally paralyzed in all other limbs. Not so much if he is really intent on hurting you. If you are a woman, face it you are outmatched in most fights with a male opponent, unless you are willing to go absolute psycho violent on him, you will probably lose and may lose anyway but at least make him earn it. Bite, scratch, gouge eyes out of their skull, rip ears the fuck off, do what it takes and do all of it with unspeakable, unchecked violence. You don’t stop when you stick your thumb in his eye…you stop when you flick the eye on to the pavement from the palm of your hand.
    My wife was attacked by her ex and he was intent on killing her not just hurting her. He out weighed her by 80 pounds and was 10 inches taller. She was an ICU nurse and she nearly removed his trachea from his neck. That was the only thing she could reach and she made him pay. She said she could feel her fingers touching behind the trach. She is still that psycho…I don’t fuck with her. Did I mention she is a red head?

  8. Andrew says:

    I lost it at the first move. If you’ve got your foot to where you can shove off your opponent’s knee, the energy would be better spent sending his junk into orbit around hisanus.

    Was the dummy for a self-defense class that actually was scary. Kneecaps and groin, groin and kneecaps, followed by crushing the throat. Kick them until you feel better. (First time I ever saw a blue trainer knife, but unlike some people mentioned on this blog she knew how to use it. If that class had been real, I’d have had my nuts cut, my kneecaps broken, been hamstrung, and a knife pounded through my eye. The teacher? Some little ex-Army nurse. Who apparently learned to fight dirty in Korea.)

  9. Snallygaster says:

    The sad part is although these are far from perfect. They could be viable when performed with strength, speed, aggression, and slight modification. But I guess that didn’t fit his douchebaggery

    • PoppaGary says:

      I was kind of thinking the same thing. Did not seem like they did them quite the same way and I could see, in that first one at least, that the size differential was being used more to her advantage. When kicking out, the guy’s legs seemed to be more compressed and he could not get leverage.
      But, yes to the learning just about any self defensive techniques and fighting as if your life depended on it (oddly enough).

  10. Oswald bastable says:

    Bite, gouge, and go nuts. Keep going. Got to out-psycho them. When I say bite, bite chunks off. Swallowing is optional.

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