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8 Responses to Yabba-dabba-doo!!!

  1. JFM says:

    50 years ago Betty was my favorite too.

  2. Oswald bastable says:

    I would do Betty- but I would be thinking about Wilma.

  3. Lofty says:

    Hi Betty, I was going to say that you could help me get my rocks off…too late, but thanks anyway.

  4. Dick Summers says:

    “I would go with Betty. But I’d be thinking about Wilma.”

  5. Critter says:


  6. nwoldude says:

    She makes my stones feel good.

  7. Tsgt Joe says:

    Rosie O’Donnell played Betty in a flint stone movie, kind of deflating.

  8. Chet says:

    I met Betty some 50 years ago at a train station where I was going one way and she another. Betty was older than me, I never asked, but we took a liking to each other that one late night. We shared some coffee at the diner and we talked. All I will tell now is that Betty is what every boy has wet dreams about.

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