A lesson in civility

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9 Responses to A lesson in civility

  1. rick says:

    Where is the civility? ‘Asian lady’ cannot drive thereby endangering others. Guy gets out to confront her. White knights cussing and yelling. The leprechaun cusses at then shoves the guy back in his car. So where is the civility?

    • Wirecutter says:

      He kept the lady from getting assaulted. Did you not see the guy smacking the window? He got as much civility as could be expected.

    • Major Canis says:

      There was nothing on the video that indicated she was a bad/dangerous driver, you made that ASSUMPTION because the older gent was upset. There was no clear and present and danger for him so he should have called the cops if he felt she was a danger; he should not have gotten out of his car and threatened the lady. HT to the two guys who put him in his place.

      • rick says:

        If I made an ASSUMPTION of the driving skills of the ‘Asian lady it is entirely based on my repeated experiences with Asian women drivers.

        As for civility, I disagree that it is a sliding scale, that he got as much as could be expected (given his actions). Civility is either/or. The behaviors of the ‘white knights’ were as bad if not worse. Maybe a different set of ‘white knights’ should have rolled on them to protect him from them.

        • Wirecutter says:

          I’m sure the assailant would’ve listened if the other guys had asked him politely to leave her alone, right?
          You deal with violence using violence. It’s the intentions and end results that matter.

          • Andrew says:

            A quick jolt often shakes the aggressor back into a more passive stance. Little Bearded Dude did a good job of de-escalation. Asking would have just tossed gas on the fired.

  2. PoppaGary says:

    Based on the commentary, the dude that was put in his place was the one causing the problems.
    After watching a couple of times, it seems to me he almost hit the “Asian lady”, causing her to put the brakes on (puff of smoke at beginning) and swerve out of the lane.
    And no matter, you don’t go up to someone’s car and pound on the side window, he is lucky he was not shot by the Asian lady.

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