An honest and hardworking people…

An illegal alien working in Wixom County, Michigan, as a waiter has been charged with killing a 14-year-old boy in a hit and run crash.
Miguel A. Ibarra Cerda, an illegal alien from Mexico, was arrested and charged by the Wixom Police Department with reckless driving that resulted in a death and leaving the scene of an accident after he allegedly hit 14-year-old Justin Lee, according to Detroit News.

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11 Responses to An honest and hardworking people…

  1. OC says:

    And charge the fucking restaurant owner who hired his ass also.

    • Winston Smith says:

      Right on. Charge everyone in his chain of command at the restaurant as well.

      But I must defend him a bit and point out that he Did have a job. Unlike many of our pigment challenged americans.

      • Mike_C says:

        > [motor-vehicle killer Ibarra Cerda] Did have a job

        I take your point that he was working, but that’s still a problem. Maybe two problems.

        1. If Ibarra Cerda was using fake SSN and his employer was withholding taxes and paying into Social Security [cough, Ponzi, cough] that would be one thing, but often illegals are paid in cash and get no benefits. They thereby depress local wages and otherwise distort the job market, making it much more difficult for both other employers and legal workers.

        2. Who says Ibarra Cerda was not ALSO dipping into welfare and other benefits?

        • crazyeighter says:

          1a. If Ibarra Cerda was using stolen SSN and paying Social Security taxes, then he was probably causing untold trouble for the real owner of the SSN when IRS got to comparing numbers reported versus numbers on the owner’s 1040.

        • Winston Smith says:

          You’re saying nothing but “If’s” there, but IF true I agree with you.

          I’m just saying that I like people that will work over those that wont, all other things being equal.

  2. AlphaDelta says:

    There is no Wixom County in Michigan. It happened in the City of Wixom, in Oakland County, Michigan.

    John Binder at Breitbart, needs to correct that.

  3. Rebar says:

    I had some chico run into my car and destroy it. Cat was drunk and illegal. Three years later the same dude appears on TV after passing a stopped school bus and killing a 12 YO boy. Judge Winston Gilchrist gives him 17 MONTHS because he had no priors. The judges are the ones we need to start stringing up first.

  4. Steve in KY says:

    But the democrats only care about children separated from thier illegal parents, not children murdered by illegals.

  5. Umm, slow up for a sec….

    He had a passport. So not really illegal.

    “Bond conditions include remaining in Michigan and surrendering his passport.”

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