And Good Morning to you!

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  1. crazyeighter says:

    What’s not to like? A pretty smiling redhead(?) with cleavage bringing you beers.

  2. Murkan Mike says:

    Well, having lived in Germany for the past 40 years, let me add this; Definately a tourist probably in München, based on the spaten brau mug, although in fall, just about every Bavarian village has a beer tent and festzelt celebration. Shes not a waitress, as the beers are already drunken from, and she’s dressed in a non traditional dirndl. Probably a regular dress with overskirt as real trachtdirndls are pretty pricy. She’s available! Her bow knot is on the left side, were it on the right, then she would be married, and were it in the middle she would be a widow. Before I married my wife, she occaisionally wore hers in the back, which has an entirely other meaning altogether, which is how I met her. Her flash is also a little confusing, and probably bought at a tourist shop, there is a gams, or chamois goat, normally meaning an alpine hunter. The others are not clear. But…. the one larger piece of flash is the british royal crown and wreath. So, either she is an English tourist, or she bought a tourist copy that someone put a photo of king Ludwig in. I’m betting my money on an English tourist (even though her teeth are OK) at one of the Oktoberfest tents.

  3. Maggat says:

    A couple’a nice jugs and the beer looks OK as well.

  4. Michael in Nelson says:


  5. Craig Bailey says:

    Mugs and jugs, every man’s fav.

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