Bambi’s not a pushover after all

What began as a routine morning bathroom break for Pepper, a 9-pound miniature poodle, quickly turned tragic after a fatal encounter with an aggressive doe near Lake Owasso in Shoreview.

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3 Responses to Bambi’s not a pushover after all

  1. Pointy End Out says:

    That wasnt Bambi,
    It was his gf Faline…..

  2. pigpen51 says:

    I was driving on a Thanksgiving morning after deer hunting and a friend hit a deer with his car. I stopped to help him, and bent down to pick it up and toss it into his trunk, and when I touched the leg, it kicked me in the shin. It hurt like a mf’er. I told him, the deer isn’t dead yet, and he said, no problem, I am going to the bar down the road, and Barney will have a gun. So we tossed the deer into the trunk and off he went. I don’t know what happened at the bar, but I bet it was fun to see.
    Another time, 3 guys I rode to work with, a distance of 40 miles, were riding together, I had to be in earlier so I drove alone. They hit a deer, and tossed it into their trunk. They got halfway there, and the deer came around and started to kick the inside of the trunk to pieces. They got to work, and they looked around for something to whack the deer over the head with, and all they could find was a 4 way lug wrench. They opened the trunk, and the deer just sat there. When my buddy, Bruce, the driver, swung at the deer’s head, he hit it a glancing blow with that weird wrench, and that deer jumped out of that trunk and took off down the sidewalk on a dead run. One of the old foremen was walking up the sidewalk, and saw it, and couldn’t believe his eyes. He kept saying, “Did you see that! Did you see that!” Of course, my buddies just said that they say a rabbit running up the sidewalk.
    Our shop was on the very edge of Lake Michigan, and so we had a bunch of different animals around us. Deer, raccoons, fox, turkeys, muskrat, etc. The strangest one I had was when I was driving a forklift a night in the back end, and I drove into a row to pick up a tub of scrap metal, and the cameras showed a doe running behind me, and through the building. The cameras followed it halfway through the plant and it jumped out the trucking doors and back outside. The only one who ever saw it was the security guard.

  3. Al says:

    That’s why we shot them and not try to choke them! They will fucking hurt ya!

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