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Hey Guys –

Braveheart radio is losing their Ustream video application. As a result, they’re moving their video stream to youtube.
Please subscribe to their channel so they can break 100 subscribers in order to be compliant with youtube.
Braveheart radio is a patriot news/talk show that airs on Sat eves. 6 pm – 9 eastern…yes they’re a little crude, but they’re commenting on the news without a liberal slant.

I am subscriber no. 73

Thank You,

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18 Responses to Braveheart Radio

  1. Dav says:

    Number 85

  2. L.A. Stokes says:

    done #98

  3. Rick F says:

    85 hear

  4. Ben Derhover says:


  5. Steve says:

    Not to rain on the parade, but they should look for another channel. YouTube has become famous for dropping (and removing the content) of conservative people or groups, and is currently being sued because of it. Dennis Prager and Prager U is just one example of this.

    I’d hate for them to put a lot of work into building up their channel, and then find it’s been blocked and their work is gone. And losing their work, with the effort put into it, can even hurt worse than losing the channel.

  6. Bryn, Isle of Anglesey says:

    Can you provide a link to the channel please, searching for “braveheart” drowns me in Mel Gibson… Also, I’m in the UK, so a GMT+/- hours timezone would be useful – “eastern” means nothing to me except “liberal/illegal infested 3rd world zone…”

  7. SAM says:

    No. 89.

  8. Joe Blow says:

    Wish they weren’t on a censorship site like youtube. There are other’s out there,

  9. Dale McCreary says:

    Subscriber 97

  10. Paraclete says:

    Thank You !
    To all who’ve responded, and those yet to do so.
    And to Kenny for posting this request…
    The guys at Braveheart have looked into possible challenges
    with youtube, and conclude that there shouldn’t be any problems.
    But I agree, with Joe and Steve, other avenues would be better.
    Time will tell…
    The show can be currently viewed at:
    Afterwards they’ll transition over to their new venue.
    Not sure how this will effect their site, if at all.

    Thank You again for your subscriptions.

  11. Terence Mcgovern says:


  12. rick says:

    No. 162

  13. Tsgt Joe says:


  14. Michael Wagner says:

    Greetings, all. My name is Michael Wagner, the first microphone and probably the biggest mouth at Pennsylvania American Patriot Radio, “Braveheart”. Heard what was going on here at Ken’s site, and had to chime in.

    We are a low-power microbroadcast radio station in Crawford County, PA. Let’s be honest here…we”re a pirate. Station was put up as a 2A platform by my friend and Brother, former gun shop owner and gunsmith, Darrell Sivik, He needed a co-host, and in a fit of madness, I said yes. Been on the air in one form or another for over 23 years now.

    With the addition of another man I consider a Brother, Patriot Jon, we began to stream our Saturday 3 hr. show via Ustream, while posting our audio at our website. Jon was out tech guru, and for personal reasons he had to leave the show…taking his skills and passwords with him. It was a loss, but not a problem til Ustream decided to go to an all paid format. Our pending jump to Youtube is the current fix. We will be using Ustream til the end of July, then make the jump. Need the time to try and fine tune things on the YT format.

    We hope you find something of value in what we do, if only as entertainment. Time for the disclaimer…we can be an acquired taste. We have no cough or “dump” button in the booth…if it comes out of our mouths, it goes out over the air. If you are looking for professionalism, boy, did YOU stumble into the wrong bar. We are irreverent, occasionally profane, frequently juvenile. Imagine, if you will, a bunch of sugared-up 8 year-olds breaking into Dad’s liquor cabinet, and you get the idea of how the show is gonna go down.

    From the comments here, there may be better ways of doing what we’re doing, but as a group, our tech skills stink. We’ll work this for now, and see where it goes.

    I wish to thank Ken and all the Patriots here who are making the jump to YT in the Sub area. Time to go poke the bear with a sharp stick…

    “God Bless The Republic…”
    Michael E Wagner

  15. John Deaux says:

    172 here

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