Camera shy

A photographer in Wyoming captured the bone-tingling moment he was sized up and charged at by a one-tonne Great bison.

Willis Chung took the epic picture just seconds before he was forced to abandon his photography equipment as the bull sprinted towards him.


I always get a kick reading about folks that are always somehow startled when they’re charged or attacked by animals when they get too close.
This ain’t the zoo, there ain’t any bars to protect you from 2000 pounds of pissed off critter and guess what – in damned near every instance, they can outrun you.

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5 Responses to Camera shy

  1. Bulldada says:

    I live about a stones throw from Yellowstone, in Gardiner, MT. We are the North Entrance to the park. This story is such horse crap, as can be expected from The Daily Mail. This bastard wasnt charged by a bison.

  2. Scruff says:

    While stationed at Ft. Riley, Kansas a tourist was mauled by one of these. Dude jumped over a fence with warning signs to get closer for a picture.

  3. Roy says:

    I’ve been to Yellowstone a few times and there are brochures everywhere warning you about this sort of thing. One of the things they warned photographers about was popping flashes at bison. It startles them and then there is no telling what they will do.

    So, there I was with a buddy of mine. We had spotted a bull bison grazing in a meadow off of the road near a pullout. It was very picturesque so we decided to get a few shots. We didn’t get near the bison. In fact, we barely got out of the car and stood there at the edge of the parking lot. I was framing my shot through the viewfinder when suddenly “POP” goes a flash. I looked over at my buddy with a WTF? expression and looked over at the bison. I thought we were goners for sure.

    The bison? He looked up at us from his grazing, and I swear I could almost see him think: Damn tourists!” And…

    …he went back to grazing.

    We immediately thanked God and our guardian angels and beat a hasty retreat.

    Once we got back on the road, I asked my buddy: “What the hell?” He said: “I thought the flash was turned off.”

  4. Unclezip says:

    The farm near us his signs all over the fencing: “Caution – Bison are not friendly”. Not as bad as water buffalo, but bad enough.

  5. Chet says:

    Come to Texas if you want to hunt a Bison. It will cost you some money but you get to keep the meat and hide. There’s lots of Bison in Texas.

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