Can’t say that I blame them, that catfight sounding shit drives me up a wall

A piper was cuffed by cops in front of shocked tourists after playing too loudly.

Busker John McDonald was arrested on the Royal Mile during a police crackdown on noisy street performers.

Officers had given him a ‘yellow card’ warning over the sound levels then hauled him away when he refused to hand over his details.

Cops claim they are reacting to complaints from fed-up neighbours in Edinburgh — but admitted none had been made on the day they nicked John.

Fellow piper Thomas Wilson, 28, who saw the musician get lifted on Sunday, said: “None of us want hassle from the police. To get arrested for playing the pipes is disgraceful.

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11 Responses to Can’t say that I blame them, that catfight sounding shit drives me up a wall

  1. warhorse says:

    some piping can be pretty fucking awesome….

  2. Lofty says:

    Mrs Lofty and me walked up and down the Royal Mile last year, it was fantastic, vibrant and busy.
    Never saw a piper though, but we wouldn’t have minded as we love the pipes, and Edinburgh.
    Cat fight sounding shit indeed….WC you are a Neanderthal.
    Nothing heats the blood like pipes and drums

  3. Winston Smith says:

    Some people think that their rights supersede everyone else’s rights. And that includes Sound and the right to not have your ears assaulted by it.

  4. Just a Chemist says:

    You sound like a German, Kenny. The English made the nazis march near the pipe corps, their crude, barbarian Germanic ears could not understand the allure of bagpipes. I think you might have picked up some bad opinions about music during your time on the continent.
    I must agree with Lofty’s comment, (good) pipes gets my blood up every time.

    • Padawan says:

      My grandfather’s caretaker passed away back in March. She was a community activist who worked with the police and fire departments to make sure her inner city neighborhood was safe for her neighbors, especially after an on duty city cop was shot and killed by a Didndu on her front yard in 2006. The current sitting police chief arranged for a pipe player from the Pipe and Drums Corp to play outside the funeral home. When he started playing “Amazing Grace” on his pipes the *entire fucking street* came to a complete and silent standstill to listen.

  5. Padawan says:

    I think I can count on both hands the number of instruments/that give me the chills. Pipes are one of them.

    I accidentally stumbled across these guys on my YouTube last summer and they’re pretty good. I belive they’re from Sweden.

    (Apocalypse Orchestra, Garden of Earthly Delights.)

  6. Al says:

    Why do pipe player always keep walking? They are trying to get away from that awful noise! Lol

  7. Andrew says:

    Well, Scotland, this is what happens when you surrender all your rights to a nanny state.

    William Wallace and Robert de Bruce are in heaven weeping at what has become of ‘Scotland the Brave.’

    Liberal socialist commie euro-weenies. This should have been the point that the people should have risen up and just killed all the oppressors. Long before the English became afraid of Afgan women (see Kipling’s “Young British Soldier” poem, last stanza) the Scottish women were one of the biggest terrors to any English warrior up above Hadrian’s Wall.

    Now? Bunch of Pussies.

    • Tennessee Budd says:

      Scots women are still a terror, laddie! But a fine sort o’ terror it is, at times.
      “Can’t I have just a little peril?”

  8. Tsgt Joe says:

    When I listen to the pipes for more than a few minutes I get the urge to run screaming down the side of a mountain and cleave the f’n skulls of Englishmen. And I’m not even a Scot.

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