Cheer up, Luis

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7 Responses to Cheer up, Luis

  1. Kirk says:

    How nice to see five pretty girls all smiling and lined up politely waiting their turn . I know you can’t see it in the photo , but I’m behind him smiling and politely waiting my turn .

  2. woowweey!-luis says:

    5 beauties, I’d be cheered up for hours!

  3. Al says:

    Now that’s a titty er putty party I could get into! Where do I sign up?!

  4. warhorse says:

    sob…sniff…”is a sympathy BJ out of the question? I’m REALLY sad.”

    • Padawan says:

      You have the opportunity to recieve one every time you’re at my house and yet you never ask.

  5. Geoff R says:

    She said he could cry on her shoulder and like a true deviate,he missed.Well done.

  6. Critter says:

    Yanno, that would cheer me up right there.

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