Chipping away in North Carolina

Democrats in the North Carolina House are pushing a California-style gun roster that opens the door to a microstamping requirement in the Tar Heel State.
California has an approved handgun roster, which means licensed dealers in the state are only allowed to sell handguns that meet certain criteria. Part of that criteria is a requirement that pistols sold in California be capable of microstamping.

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2 Responses to Chipping away in North Carolina

  1. sk6actual says:

    One thing I’ve never liked in 30 some years livin’ here is we can’t, for very long, break the Demonrat fascists hold on NC. Charlotte and points down east and north love the victim card. Johnson was right with North Carolina when he spoke about “they’ll vote for us for 200 years”.

  2. Elmo says:

    Never let an ‘approved handgun roster’ happen in your state. It punishes the gun manufacturers and severely limits the choices a buyer has. The only free market available to California handgun buyers is single action revolvers which, for now, are exempt from the list.

    The ‘Unsafe Handgun Act’ and the approved roster it created did nothing to make guns safer. It did, however, create many new state jobs and endless frustration for law-abiding Californians wanting to purchase a handgun.

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