Dangerous Dan Tucker

Lawman and gunfighter, Dan Tucker, was born in Canada in 1849, but somewhere along the line, made his way to the American West, where he would eventually earn the nickname “Dangerous Dan,” for his deadly shooting skills.

He first appeared in Grant County, New Mexico in the early 1870s. Though some were suspicious of the slight, soft spoken man, who was rumored to have killed a man in Colorado before appearing in New Mexico, Sheriff Harvey Whitehill took a liking to him and hired him on as a deputy sheriff in 1875.

One of the first incidents that Dan was involved in was when two Mexican men got into a brawl inside Johnny Ward’s Dance Hall, in Silver City in 1876. After one of the men stabbed the other, he fled from the saloon as Dan Tucker was approaching and the deputy shot him in the neck. The next year, Dan shot and killed a drunken man who was standing on the street throwing rocks at people as they passed by. No charges were filed against Tucker for the shooting.

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3 Responses to Dangerous Dan Tucker

  1. Mike G. says:

    Even better:
    “Old Dan Tucker” has been in my head since I learned it in 1972.
    Maybe just for this post. Maybe I can forget it now.

  2. Sanders says:

    My Dad grew up in and around Silver City, NM. My cousin, an amateur historian of the region, did as well, but neither I, nor my cousin ever heard of this fellow until now.

    Fellow was a bad ass. Explains Wyatt and Doc’s mad ride through NM to Colorado, though.

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