Florida – the new California

In the tooth fang and claw race to replace outgoing Republican Rick Scott in Tallahassee, one of the state’s most influential papers – the Tampa Bay Times – has been actively providing propaganda targeting the GOP’s Adam Putnam and shilling for the Democrats.

One of those Democrats is Gwen Graham who has tried to distance herself from the field by invoking the most extremist rhetoric to date.

Graham promises that if elected as governor, that she would use her executive power to ban “assault rifles” and pave the way to gun confiscation which is exactly what will occur once law-abiding citizens are designated as criminals by the head of state.

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13 Responses to Florida – the new California

  1. Andrew says:

    This is what happens when you let assholes move to your state.

    Don’t get too smug, it’s coming to y’all out there, even in Texas and Tennessee.

  2. FriscoKid says:

    More communist virtue signaling.

  3. nonncom says:

    If she gets elected, the California reference stands…..if not, a full retraction will be appreciated…..there is no place in the country that compares to the land of the fruits and nuts, except maybe Seattle….

  4. Jesse in DC says:

    AH! Criminals won’t give up their guns… I see an issue here…

  5. Richard Watson says:

    “My commitment to you is action, not words. I have found a public safety statute [Graham’s staff later identified it as Florida Statute 14.022, which allows the Governor to take emergency action to quell violence] that allows the Governor, whoever she may be, to sign an executive order for public safety reasons banning the sale of military assault weapons,” Graham said during the debate hosted by Spectrum and its Bay News 9 cable channel in Tampa Bay and News 13 channel in Orlando.”

    Obviously that statute would not pertain to AR 15s since no military in the world uses them.

  6. DixieDennis says:

    Looks like I moved here just in time for the festivities to start.

  7. Sedition says:

    If elected and she tried, she wouldn’t survive the experience.

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