Fuck the feds

Many were hoping that once Barack Obama was out of office we would see less of this Big Brother surveillance nonsense, but instead it seems to be getting even worse.

In fact, the Department of Homeland Security has just announced that it intends to compile a comprehensive list of hundreds of thousands of “journalists, editors, correspondents, social media influencers, bloggers etc.”, and collect any “information that could be relevant” about them.

So if you have a website, an important blog or you are just very active on social media, the Department of Homeland Security is going to put you on a list and will start collecting information about you. The DHS has already announced that it will hire a contractor to aid in monitoring media coverage, and they will definitely need plenty of help because it is going to be a very big job…


Back when this blog was hosted by WordPress, I had Sitemeter installed which allowed me to track every single visitor to my site and I swear, I was getting multiple hits every day from the CHP (who are California’s State Police), DHS, Fusion Centers in SF and Sacramento, the Treasury Department and everybody else and their fucking dog – and those were the hits they wanted me to see. I was tripping hard over it.
When I bought my own domain, I said fuck it and didn’t install it – I’m really not all that interested in regular folks that visit and as far as the feds go, they can kiss my ass. I can’t stop them from visiting but I’ll be damned if I’m going to worry about it.

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13 Responses to Fuck the feds

  1. Sanders says:

    I’m sure they are also tracking the folks who comment, as well.

  2. fjord says:

    the problem is, we as law abiding, rational citizens wait for government to solve problems like this.

    The problem is. Government IS the problem.
    we have reached that ultimate inversion.

  3. Ergo Slugg says:

    Hmm, maybe it’s time to start accumulating a counter-surveillance database? Start accumulating files about the Watchers, their families, their habits, routines, etc… Might that discourage this sort of nonsense?

    • PoppaGary says:

      I doubt it, they would say it only validate their “suspicions” and justifies the actions.

      • Andrew says:

        Yes. What you said.

        It is good and fine for them to know everything about us. And we have no real ability to stop it.

        But it is bad and illegal for us to know anything about them. And they will enforce their fear of us with fully automatic weapons.

  4. crazyeighter says:

    Like the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, making lists of “intellectuals” to be dealt with “later”?

  5. Nick says:

    Hey Kenny

    Could be they were spying on you, and I’m sure there’s a fair amount of that. But…and I know many of your readers will be shocked and appalled, there are MANY of us conservative, liberty minded Americans still living deep behind enemy lines in Kalifornia. Like me. And my family. And my core group of family/friends (our clan). Among us there are veterans, peace officers, fire fighters, tradesmen, nurses, painters, stationary engineers, electricians, and state employees (the horror!). We had the misfortune of being born here and due to jobs, families, property values, child custody situations, etc. etc. we cannot (at this time) vote with our feet and move out.

    I would guess that many of the CHP visits, as well as other LE/gov visitors, were people that you’d be surprised to learn thought a lot like you and were visiting your page to get a few minutes escape from the absolute insanity that is this hellhole. I know, I know…. I’m going to get nailed in the comments because “all cops are gun grabbing gestapo and all government employees are lazy, bureaucratic pension whores…”, but I would opine it’s just not true. Not always, anyhow. Some people actually want to serve their fellow citizens, and try and make the world a bit of a better place, being there for the community, helping when it’s needed and doing for those who cannot do for themselves. It’s hard to believe nowadays, I know, but millions of Californians, a good chunk of local LE officers, and even some .gov types are liberty minded. Almost 4 million Californians voted for Trump, with nearly 38,000 of those being San Franciscans (yes, you read that right)! That might not be much, but we are here. And we enjoy reading your blog, and the work of others with the same POV.

    It’s easy being an outspoken, gun-owning, anti-PC patriot in areas that are deep red. It’s damn hard doing it in coastal CA, and especially so in the SF Bay Area.

    Take care and keep the faith


  6. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    If anyone is looking for me down here, I’m on Circle 8 Bolgia 5.
    If you need directions, ask Dante.
    See all of you soon.

  7. Nemo says:

    This can’t be happening!!! James Clapper told CONgress that government intelligence agencies DO NOT SPY ON American Citizens. His statement must be true, since a Top Man in the Obama .gov would NEVER lie to to CONgress or The People. would he? This has been going on since, at least, the 70’s. Remember the Church committee hearings? .Gov warrant-less spying on US citizens has only become more ubiquitous since the advent of the internet. After all, what is the multi-billion dollar NSA data center in Utah for if not for collecting and storing data on EVERYONE? Those FLAWS found in all CPU chips that allow hacking attacks against any computer on the planet? I suppose those flaws just happened by accident. The hubris of our .gov never ceases to amaze me. They think they’re the smartest people in the room and we’re just dumb animals.

    .Gov person on the way to the gallows: but, but, but I’m ________(fill in the blank .gov function). Local partisan after SHTF: Just exactly what is that worth these days?

    • Westcoastdeplorable says:

      Here’s the truth…Clapper is a liar but tows the Fedgov line which is why he’s still a free man. And Snowden is the guy who PROVED he’s a liar. Which is why he’s in exile since he told us the truth about what the NSA does on a regular basis. They record everything on everyone, which is why they needed that huge storage facility in Utah. They use some immense amount of water daily just to cool the servers! I think it’s like 50,000 gallons an hour or something similar. And then there’s PROMIS software, but don’t get me started (just do a search if you want more).

  8. pigpen51 says:

    I know that I see from time to time those who teach how to cover your tracks, with software, or some such thing. And never use a debit card, no checks, in fact, no banks at all. Only use burner phones, which you buy with cash and toss out when you run out of minutes, etc. The thing is, with the amount of government technology today, there simply is no hiding. I mean, just think of it. Microsoft and Google, Facebook and the rest, they have some pretty smart people working for them. Now, don’t you think the government has smarter people working for them?
    A woman I went to high school with has two sons. They were both in the Army. They now share an apartment in the Watergate building in DC. One works in the Pentagon, and the other works as a journalist that reports on all the technology that the government is putting out. I get his newsletter. The thing is, they are both fricking brilliant, and could be making a bunch of money in the private sector. Instead, they are working for Uncle Sam. The journalist is like a liason for the feds, trying to get things out that the feds want out. He was in Iraq, and won a pretty high award for what he did with computers over there to save a bunch of lives, so yeah, he is smart.
    My point is, there is no hiding, if the government has a reason to watch you. I myself count on being a little fish in a big ocean Be smart. Don’t plan to do stupid things where you could be heard. In fact, don’t plan to do stupid things period.

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