Goin’ Ape Over Racism

Of all the bans I’ve drawn on Facebook (yes, I’ve been on a bit of a bender about this in recent weeks, so I promise this’ll be the last mention), the oddest one I ever received was last year, after I posted a video of a gibbon playing with a hedgehog. There was no political context…I just thought it was a funny clip. Of everything I’ve ever put on Facebook, that video was by far the most innocuous. Yet it was removed. Facebook claimed I’d violated its policy regarding hate speech. No, I’m not making that up.

As Roseanne Barr found out last week, apes have become “problematic.” A few months ago, social justice lunatics forced the removal of a gorilla statue from a Texas public park because the statue was deemed “racially insensitive” and “a metaphor for the institution of slavery.” After weeks of mockery, city officials agreed to return the statue, but only after it was repainted monochromatic gray, so that it would no longer be black.

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  1. Bill Walmner says:

    http://tech.mit.edu/V97/PDF/V97-N41.pdf The same thing happened at MIT, back in 1977.

    The Negro students had a big chimpout about a picture of a gorilla placed in the Freshman Picturebook as a joke. The gorilla pic had the caption “Harvey Grogo, Kampala, Uganda.” The Negroes must have thought that they were apelike to have expressed such outrage at a picture of a gorilla. Before the Negroes chimped out, everyone thought that the picture was funny, and nothing more. After the chimpout, everyone soon realized that the Negroes really saw themselves as monkeys.

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    Don’t feel alone Wirecutter. I am at war with Mark Suckerberg’s Digital Brownshirts.
    The leftist groups who are censoring posts of FakeBook are flagging some images
    I posted as violating their standards on sexual content. A woman in fairly modest
    bikini was removed without stating a reason. They cannot ban any of my posts
    and claim it was about political content, so they cannot attack me frontally. This
    is a ruse. Of the six or so banned images, most of them were posted last year.

    One of the last things I could ever predict, is that the left (the same people who
    invented free love and support weirdo-sexuality,) would use prudity as a pretense
    to attack my political views. Every time they have hit me, I have hit them back.
    There is a wealth of anti-Zuckerberg memes and images on the Internet. So far,
    not a single Image attacking FakeBook of Suckerberg has been censored. Fight

    • Padawan says:

      Last summer I posted a picture of myself with the band I was seeing that night to my Facebook. (They’re from England and one of the members is Asian, from China I believe, and he was standing directly behind me in the photo.) I was wearing my favorite black ripped and spiked jeans, my long tank top with the mesh back that has a spine stitched down the middle of it and black sneakers. Even though it was hotter than hell both outside and in the venue I did my pale goth doll face for makeup. The shirt I was wearing isn’t too low cut but you could see a tiny bit of my cleavage and with my VIP pass hanging around my neck you really couldn’t see it at all. Almost the very second I posted the picture Facebook yanked it off my timeline for violating their community “standards” on nudity (my almost no showing cleavage) and for posting racially “insensitive” material, their reason being (according to them) my pale face was an “offense” to the culture of the gentleman standing behind me.

      • Mike_C says:

        Was that Herman Li by any chance?
        If so, he’s apparently from Hong Kong, which as someone genetically Chinese I can categorically state, ain’t really China ;-) Two things about that guy: boy can that fucker play; and unlike Samson, it ain’t about the hair — mine is about as long, and I can’t play worth a damn.


        Finally, East Asians are more about skin color (paler the better) than pretty much any American short of the Grand Exalted Kleagle (bless his heart). Plus they look down on Africans (and to a lesser extent any brown or darkish people, which includes south-east Asians) like you wouldn’t believe. In fact, the only people more racist than East Asians are the sainted Eternal Victim Class(es).

  3. NewVegasBadger says:

    Interesting double standard/ hypocrisy on display. The Lefties think they can say any thing they want with no consequences and it is perfectly ok. Such as calling any black/Afro American who disagrees with them as a house nigger or an Uncle Tom. Yet if some one on the Right mocks them then they have a hissy fit with every thing is “racist” to them. Roseanne Barr made the mistake of apologizing for her tweet. Bad move. NEVER apologize to a Lefty. NEVER. They will never accept it and drop the matter. They will always use it as a weapon against you. What Roseanne ought to have done, was to take a play out the Trump play book and told her critics to go fuck themselves. And give them the middle finger just to get the point across.

    • Kenny the Scot says:

      I agree – one should never apologise to these people because it reinforces the idea they have in their minds that they are in the right & are behaving rationally. I once made a fairly innocuous remark at work only to be told, oh that’s so raaacist. (It wasn’t.) I responded by giving the speaker an icy stare and informing them: If you really believe that, then there’s something seriously wrong with your thinking.

      They did not know how to deal with that at all … but that is exactly what these people need to be told – at every opportunity.

      Force them to defend their position! Rosenne should have hit them with the Darwin argument – hold on, isn’t that exactly what you guys believe? That we are all descended from apes and monkeys? Don’t YOU believe that to be true?

      Force them to either renounce the theory of evolution, or admit that what Roseanne said is what THEY believe to be true.

      That would have been interesting. Sadly, as you say, Rosanne made the tactical error of apologising.

      • Chet says:

        Despite how Rosanne feels about Trump, she has always been a loud-mouth lefty. Maybe she apologised because she wasn’t counting on really pissing her allies off.

        It could be all of the Trump love Rosanne has been expressing is all a ruse to gain her some attention.

    • Kenny the Scot says:

      Btw Pierre Boulle was a military veteran who wrote The Bridge Over The River Kwai as well as Planet of The Apes.

      Funny how his experiences led to him writing those two books … another thing Roseanne could have done was start talking about the left’s desire to establish a tyranny where the State is all powerful, and individuals are nothing – start talking about the message of Pierre Boulle’s books & how the left want to bring that about but Trump is all about FREEDOM.

      That would have been interesting as well!

  4. Kenny the Scot says:

    I don’t understand what the problem is. Don’t these atheistic left-wing types believe in the theory of evolution? Don’t they know that the full and correct title of Darwin’s book is:

    On the Origin of Species


    Preservation of Favoured Races in The Struggle for Life

    And don’t they all believe that we are all descended from, and are genetically related to, apes and monkeys? Seriously – isn’t that what they truly believe? We’re all on the same branch of the evolutionary tree, etc? So why would atheistic lefty feel all “offended” by the likes of Roseanne Barr saying that a particular human being, who walks upright on two legs, has two thumbs and functioning eyes, still looks like their ancestors? Isn’t that what the left believes?

    • BlueMntCeltic says:

      Well my friend, I agree with the tenor of your comment but technically your are incorrect as to what Evolution proposes our origin to be. We are not descended from Apes…rather, Apes and Humans diverged from a common species (or ancestor). So the closest you can come to beign technically correct is to say we and the Apes descended from an ‘ape-like’ creatures.

  5. brighteyes says:

    If you post a picture of an ape who are the assholes that think it looks like them? It aint me. I see a picture of an ape that’s what I see. Sometimes they are doing something funny or sometimes I think of the Diane Fossey tragedy. They are a magnificent creature.

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