Good Morning

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  1. Peaowed says:

    Needs to have a 1903A3 between the M1917 and Garand. (But a very fine collection, nevertheless).

  2. bob sykes says:

    This looks like a nearly complete collection of US service rifles and carbines. But no Johnson semiauto or Revolutionary War muskets.

    Also, you need an AR 10, assuming the second one is a standard rifle with a 20 in bbl. I know the AR 10 was never issued, or even purchased, and is technically out-of-place, but get it anyway.

    I congratulate you. A very nice achievement.

  3. RHT447 says:

    Very nice lineage. Looks like my collection, except that my Trapdoor is a the infantry rifle, not the cavalry carbine. My Enfield also has red paint on the front handguard applied while serving with the Brits during WWII.

  4. Murkan Mike says:

    Yup, that’s got them all right there! A few variants are missing, but that’s basically all of them. Interestingly enough, the M-16 ( including the M-4) is the one that has been fielded the longest. The Krag and the M-14 the shortest. 3 foreign designs, the 03, the P17 and the krag. The worst shooter of the bunch is the M1 Carbine, the best shooter is the M14, with the Garand trailing fast.

  5. Griffin says:

    Now thats a nice family picture!

  6. Robin says:


  7. Daveisgreat says:

    Gimme that sharps!

  8. STxRynn says:

    I always wanted to do that. Mine wouldn’t have been so pretty tho. That is a beautiful line up of history.

  9. Al says:

    Ok, now I’ve got a tear in my eye! That’s a beautiful pic!

  10. crazyeighter says:

    Don’t tell the gungrabbers, but these are all actually the “Weapons of Warrrr!” that they think the AR-15 is.

    N-i-i-ice collection; my Envy-ometer is pegged.

  11. Andrew says:

    What a dick collection, as he’s missing a Johnson (semi-auto rifle, that is.)

  12. Steve_in_CA says:

    Elegant weapons for a bygone era.

  13. Aesop says:

    I didn’t realize I only need the Trapdoor, the Krag, and a carbine to complete that whole set. And a Brown Bess and an 1861 Springfield to make it perfect.

    Well, that settles it.
    No sense leaving something half-done.

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