Good Morning from Florida!

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Just when you thought you had seen everything on South Florida roadways, along comes something that makes you shake your head.

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6 Responses to Good Morning from Florida!

  1. sk6actual says:

    Shuddah been made a grease spot on the asphalt … whoda noticed?

  2. Padawan says:

    Never thought this would be a guess the race post too. Good job on the unintentional two-in-one Ken. :-D

  3. JC says:

    I live here. For now. That’s mild compared to what goes on everyday. People should consider Miami nothing more than an area you have to go through to get to the Keys.

    And the Keys ain’t what the used to be either…

    • Elmo says:

      I get a kick out of CBS Miami’s website having an ‘Only in South Florida’ category. If I didn’t know better, I’d think they read Knuckledraggin.

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