Heaven’s Newest Angel

There are those who believe he should never have been allowed to be born.

He came into this world prematurely with severe spina bifida, Chiari II malformation, hydrocephalus, autonomic dysreflexia, central sleep apnea, dysphagia, hypotonia and paralyzed vocal cords. He would develop chronic lung disease, anemia, kyphosis, knee contractures, osteopenia and so much more.

In layman’s terms, he was paralyzed, except for partial movement of his arms. He couldn’t speak because his vocal cords were paralyzed, nor could he eat or even breathe on his own. His own family can’t remember how many times the ambulance raced him to the hospital to save his life. One doctor called this child “the sickest boy in America.”

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48 Responses to Heaven’s Newest Angel

  1. Winston Smith says:

    Some people just like to see others suffer.

    • bradoplata says:

      What do you mean? The article celebrated how many people the kid touched (at least that’s how I understood it).

    • Daveisgreat says:

      Euthanize. It would be kinder than short life of intense suffering.

      • Wirecutter says:

        Sorry, no. That smacks of the Nazi’s solution.

        • rob says:

          “Smacks of,” hell. That is the Nazis’ solution.

          Celebrate life!

          • pigpen51 says:

            Some think that this wonderful child full of life should never have been allowed to make it out of a planned parenthood building alive. But people say that Hitler was a monster. Hell, he was an amateur compared to PPH.

          • Winston Smith says:

            Yeah and you want ME/society to pay for it too.
            Apparently the lib media has its hooks in deeper than I thought.

            If you want everything to have the absolute best medical coverage, then PAY for it and stop expecting me too.

            • Wirecutter says:

              Okay, if you are diagnosed with cancer and choose to take treatment, do you honestly think what you’ve paid into your insurance so far will cover that? Seriously? Or how about your wife? Will you let her die so you don’t burden the taxpayers? I didn’t think so.
              Your argument doesn’t wash here.

            • D. Bag says:

              By that same logic, you can’t use anything you haven bought an paid for in full. May as well be spending your time yelling at people using public transportation for being such terrible freeloaders too, eh?

              You’re a special kind of non-empathetic stupid, worried about what everyone else is doing with “your money”, but something tells me you don’t chip in as much as you’d like to think you do. Hint: you’ll be happier if you stop thinking in absolutes about issues that don’t have a moral basis for such an absurd stance.

          • Andrew says:

            The scary thing is, the Nazis learned it from US. Thanks to all the progressives surrounding Woodrow Wilson, who did the same things that made the Nazis such total assholes.

            Forced sterilization of the ‘unwanted’? Check.
            Abortion of the ‘unwanted’? Check
            Euthanization of the ‘unwanted’? Check

            All done before a single Nazi put on a swastika. And done here in the good old US of A.

            Sometimes we, as a nation, have just committed some damn evil shit.

      • bradoplata says:

        My kid flunked a prenatal genetics test. Thank God we didn’t think like you as it was a false positive.

        • lineman says:

          The thing is why did you even have one done…When the doctor asked us if we wanted one we asked if we could do anything to help him if there was something wrong and the doc said it would be just to see if you wanted to keep him if he did have something wrong with him…We said it wouldn’t matter we would keep him either way so don’t do it…

          • Andrew says:

            Well, it is always good to be prepared for issues when the child is born, rather than being rudely surprised. In this respect, yes, a genetic test.

            • lineman says:

              I guess he was surprised anyway if it was a false positive and they had to worry that whole time something was wrong when it wasn’t…Also it was a risk we weren’t willing to take just to not be surprised and we were both pushing 40 ourselves…No worries though each one of us has to live our lives the way we choose…

          • bradoplata says:

            What Andrew said. We were in our 40’s and wanted to be prepared.

            • lineman says:

              So what did you do different to prepare yourself than if the test came back normal…

              • Andrew says:

                You can get educated, you can make plans, get equipment, get your life squared away for the wild ride you and yours will be taking.

                That’s why you get the test. To be prepared. Just like school used to be. To prepare you for life.

                • lineman says:

                  There this little thing called risk and reward and if the reward ain’t worth the risk then you don’t do it…So smartass what else got…

                  • Andrew says:

                    Well, if it’s going to be an unviable chunk of flesh, or if it’s going to be born without a brain, then, yeah, you can choose to flush it.

                    But what about Paulie, or my sister Catherine (who helped advance the understanding of hearth repairs)? Both children gave more than they received. Both were an asset. We’re learning from these children things that keep us ‘healthy people’ alive.

                    How was that for a smartassed answer?

                    • lineman says:

                      Well it seems you don’t know what a prenatal genetics test is even for since you name conditions that can be seen with an ultrasound …So have a good day…

      • susan says:

        The world gets SO MUCH wrong…..you see trash; God sees treasure. I wouldn’t want to try to argue your point in front of Him at your judgment.
        Meet a couple others you would no doubt deem worthy only of euthanasia….



      • Andrew says:

        Davidisgreat. Did Paulie suffer more than he enjoyed? From the article it sounds like he was a profoundly happy child. A bright light in a broken body.

        (Should Hawkings had sucked a gun when his body betrayed him? Think about it. I would postulate Paulie had a more positive direct effect on people than Hawkings with his big brain.)

    • Andrew says:

      Paulie was alive. His mind was alive. He enjoyed life. He communicated with those around him in a positive way, enriching their lives while they enriched his life.

      And, yes ,some people just like to see others suffer. But not his parents, and not his friends and family and acquaintances.

      Sick? Sick are the motherfuckers who give no chances to a ‘perfect’ child to live. Sick are the motherfuckers who sacrifice to the evil demon Ba’al, ‘god’ of child sacrifice. Sick are the motherfuckers who attack people because they, the motherfuckers, don’t have the intestinal fortitude to help people. To, well ‘in sickness and in health, till death do us part.’

      Winston, I’m sorry, but I don’t agree at all with you on this one.

  2. Steve says:

    First thought was about how cruel it was to bring him into the world but after reading the story maybe not so much. He brought out the best in many people.

    • fjord says:

      This what separates humans from animals.
      We possess empathy and sympathy for others.

      Well, some of us do.

  3. John h says:

    Beautiful story.
    John h

  4. soapweed says:

    Thanks, Kenny. Tore me up. Seeing a kid better me with no effort, is way humbling.
    You fucks that made negative comments are outing yourselves for future special treatment by your peers. Yeah, we got a list for that too…….

    • Winston Smith says:

      Come get some.

      • soapweed says:

        Winston: My dear buttercup……Deer Trail, Colo stop by sometime. Everyone knows me……. I don’t travel back east to the land of wheat dicks. You’ve got a surprises coming in your pathetic life. lovies.

  5. Glenda T. Goode says:

    We all are born as equals. Each of us have a soul that needs to find its own way.

    Along the way we learn and we teach. Each life unique in its path.

    Some of us live longer than others. It is not for us to ask why.

    Each of us is born for a reason that we may never know.

    It is not how long we live that is important.

    It is how well we lived and how many hearts we touch.

  6. Grampus says:

    Careful, sports. Save that “never been born” crap for the Almighty- YOU were allowed in to this world, and this kid made a bigger difference than either of you have, I’d bet. The ones who yell the loudest for euthanasia never consider themselves as potential candidates.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Or have never had somebody close to them that’s disabled.

    • rob says:


      “Compassionate” euthanasia is the coward’s way out, just exactly like abortion – and the only proper response to abortion advocates is “If only your mother had felt that way.”

    • Winston Smith says:

      As long as YOU pay for it and stop expecting me to, I have no problem with whatever you want to bring into the world. The instant you expect me to pay the extreme medical costs thru higher taxes, hospital subsidies, insurance rates(yes, I pay for my own), etc is the day you can climb back onto your High Horse.

      Apparently some are conservative until they want to get into your pocketbook via the backdoor. They then espouse the liberal creed under the guise of their personal ‘morality’. Well here’s news: you don’t get to dictate the morality of anyone but yourself and your dependents. If you think otherwise, register to vote Dim this next election along with the rest of them.

      • bradoplata says:

        Bet you’re fun at parties.

      • lineman says:

        Winston come on man I didn’t read anything in the article about his parents having the taxpayer fund anything… That’s not to say the taxpayer didn’t but your argument is based off of something you don’t know for sure…Also your comment some people like seeing other people suffering I didn’t read anywhere in the article that implied that…All I saw was the people who were enriched by that little boys spirit and he in turned was enriched by them… Which when it comes to end for any of us I pray that we will have enriched even a portion of what he did…There is enough rage in the world Brother let’s give hope, kindness and Grace a chance once in awhile…God Bless Ya Brother…

        • rick says:

          Even if Winston Smiths everywhere paid 100% for the care of Paulie, is that it, that it comes down to a price tag? That we are nothing more than meat sacks? Woe is them who think thus.

          How devoid a life cold and frigid, merely waiting for it’s final day.

          • lineman says:

            If it was paid willingly without the threat of force then not a problem at all…I understand Winstons point though and don’t begrudge him of it but since it didn’t say anything about what he was upset about then this wasn’t the thread to bring it up…

      • D. Bag says:

        At least your posts have made one thing clear – you are the personification of the “mean, heartless conservative who would rather someone die than see them get medical help” that liberal nutjobs keep saying exist. Next time one of them wants to know where to find the one guy in existence who actually feels this way, I’ll let them know you’re here, they’d love to wage internet war with someone who actually embodies all the money-loving, humanity-hating characteristics you’ve showcased here!

  7. James says:

    Hey Pauliee,enjoy the next chapter in life,look up me Aunt Sue,you will like each other I am sure.

    I get folks look at folks in these tough situations as a triage in a way,and,folks do not like to be forced into a position of helping when they believe that the efforts could be spent helping many others instead of just one.

    That said,I also see a child that seems to have brought a town together to do more then just something for themselves,got folks to know each other and be a actual part of a community,something sadly missing in many parts of this country.

    I do not want to make the decision to end others lives unless say living will/their wishes known ect.I personally will take myself out of the game when the time seems right,me dad did that and while I wish he talked with me beforehand understand his point of view/actions.

    Oh,and dad,Happy Birthday,catch you and the rest in the next chapter.

  8. czechsix says:

    Freedom of Speech is still here, thank God.

    That kid did a service for many folks, and for many of those folks it’s impossible to put a monetary value on that. He had a purpose here, and filled those shoes well.

    Godspeed to you, kiddo, and rest in peace.

  9. Andrew says:

    Winston, respectfully, go suck a rock.

    I believe in miracles. My older sister, Catherine, was a miracle baby. She was born with a hole in her heart. She lived just a little over a year, and finally died on Holy Innocents’ Day, December 28th. She was sickly, obviously, but she was, from what my oldest brother tells me, a wonderful child. Her death affected my yet-to-be born life, as my parents fought for me to live through multiple illnesses.

    Furthermore, Catherine was one of the children who helped lead to an ‘easy’ fix for this unfortunately not-uncommon birth defect. Today they can even operate in the womb to fix the defect before birth. And this also led to an understanding of how to operate on adult hearts with issues. Her life and death has literally saved thousands, yet she was never an adult. Her life and death has touched millions, with no-one aware of her suffering and death. Was it hard on my family? Yes. Did it make us all a better family? Yes. Did she leave the world a better place because of her life? Yes.

    So, following your reasoning, should she have been flushed? Should I?

    Sir, I don’t know what hardened your heart and messed with your brain. But I hope that you will turn away, turn towards a better understanding.

    You posted on the wrong blog. This is the blog where we all followed the wonderful life, and horrid death, of a child, just recently. And her mother, whose caustic wit is such a joy to us all.

    The greatest gift God has given us is choice. What we do with our lives and deaths. Do we leave the world a better place?

    Now, I am not some bleeding heart liberal. I am actually a very conservative individual. I understand what you say about the costs of disabled people. The physical costs of long term care. But… have you ever considered how much the world learns from people like Paulie, or Catherine? How much they have enriched the world by their existence? And their deaths?

    I could only hope I have as much a positive effect on the world as Paulie. Or as much as my elder sister who I never got to meet has had on this bleak, dark world.

    Catherine, I hope to be worthy enough to finally meet you in heaven, when it’s my turn to pass. Say hello to my dog Liesl, who joined you on Monday.

    Peace be unto you, Paulie. Join well the legion of innocents who have enriched this world.

  10. Bacon says:

    So many beautiful, life-affirming comments on this thread. Warms my wretched heart.

    How much more beautiful could they have been, had those same words been delivered with just a bit more compassion for differing points of view?

    Let us each always strive to remember that, as much as we may disagree, we are, for the most part, speaking to people who would stand with us.

    Dear Lord, bless those of us who wish to show compassion to those suffering pain.
    Dear Lord, bless those of us who wish to honor the sacred life you have created.
    Dear Lord, bless Wirecutter for opening his living room for us to gather together.

    • lineman says:

      Amen Brother…I think we would all be more civil if we knew each other in the physical instead of this online world…So many things get misconstrued and misunderstood in this cyber world that it blood pressure and tempers to rise quite fast…Hope your well…

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