Hogg desperately trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame

The ringleader of the far-left activist students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is warming up for a summer barnstorming tour to register voters on behalf of the Democrats and seems to have strayed from his message of preventing school shootings.


With the election nearing and Parkland now having become nothing but a code phrase for Democrat, Hogg is testing out all of the DNC talking points for his shift from the scholastic world into a budding career in politics. He is now calling for support of the equal rights amendment and the $15 an hour minimum wage. Neither of which have a damned thing to do with the psycho who shot up his school but then again, the NRA had nothing to do with it either.

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15 Responses to Hogg desperately trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame

  1. Jimmy the Saint says:

    How dare you criticize the Oberdouchenfuehrer!

  2. Daryl says:

    I’ll wager the boy has never worked a summer job and now he’s an expert on what minimum wage should be.

    • Gator says:

      I had a similar thought, but even if he did some kind of menial/manual labor job, such as loading heavy shit like bags of mulch and soil into people’s cars at a nursery for 6.50 an hour (my first job), he’d probably proclaim he should get paid 15/hr to do it, even though its a ocmpletely mindless job. Plus, he looks like the type that wouldn’t stoop so low as to do manual labor, even as a teenager. He’s looking for that political office, where he will never earn an honest days living and will sponge off the taxpayers for the rest of his life.

      • Chet says:

        My first “real” job was working at a grocery store for 50 cents an hour when I was 14 years old. I am now over 70. Even in 1968 I was working for a oilfield service company that paid $1.91 an hour. And I was supporting a wife and kid on that for almost a year when I found something that paid better.

        And this POS thinks he’s worth $15 an hour. I will kick his ass and cut his throat before he is paid more than a buck an hour. Hell, I can hire wetbacks who will bust ass all day for $75 and a quart of beer. And those are 14 hour days.

    • anonymous says:

      Yup, the Entitlement Force is strong with this one. Now there is an example of a feckless c**t.

  3. Unclezip says:

    Overton window slamming shut real fast on these losers.

  4. SAM says:

    So what happens when some one turns up in a Trump cap and a NRA T-shirt?

  5. He posted a Tweet yesterday, which he has since taken down, that a $15/hr minimum wage “spurs” gun violence. It’s not often you see someone arguing both sides of an argument at the same time!
    I’ve encouraged him to enroll in a “bonehead” English course.

  6. Jeffersonian says:

    It has not been objectively proven the Hogg was even at the school during the shooting. If he had been he might have been in the art class upon which Cruz focused his attention, seeking to confront his most brutish bully (likely Hogg). Hogg’s behavior since the tragic event seems to me to be driven by guilt and denial as much as an attention seeking behavior. I’m not an expert. Just a student of the human condition.

  7. Idahobob says:

    Someone should give the scrawny little loudmouth the ass kicking that he deserves.

  8. Rickvid in Seattle says:

    He should study up on Cindy Sheehan and how she was used and used up by the same sorts who are running him.

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