I think he misinterpreted “Wanna screw?”

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5 Responses to I think he misinterpreted “Wanna screw?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Gotta be California.

  2. ignore amos says:

    I used to work with a bunch of guys that used to work as guards at a local prison… They have stories of the numbers of mentally ill inmates. The one that makes me shudder is about the inmate that castrated himself with finger nail clippers.

  3. Tom in NC says:

    My son the ER Doc says, “Never underestimate the things that people will put in the various orifices of their body!” This pic is one more example of how true that is…

    • whynot says:

      Nor age….the youngest I’ve seen was a 10-year-old male who put a record player spindle up his urethra (on XR, it was sitting nicely in the bladder)…..yep, surgical procedure to retrieve…..his mother kept asking how could that have happened

  4. paulb says:

    one wasn’t enough?

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