Impressive beard there

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  1. John Deaux says:

    Very impressive. The longest I’ve gotten mine was about half the length of the reddish one, it kept getting in the way so I cut it back to a easier to live with length. I sometimes regret doing it though.

  2. drjim says:

    I know a few dudes like them. Generally pretty cool people.

    • AlphaDelta says:

      Agreed, generally pretty cool people. Met plenty of them breads. Still can’t figure out why anyone would want to look retarded in today’s day and age unless they’ve got a TV show making money for those looks.

      • John Deaux says:

        So I’m not sure what the hell breads have to do with the dude with the beard.
        As far as beards, I grow mine because I want to, I can, my ol lady loves it and I don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks.
        As to look retarded, maybe you should look in the mirror

        • Wirecutter says:

          Huh, my beard length is two fists long right now and I have no immediate plans to cut or trim it.

          • John Deaux says:

            I just cut mine back last weekend.
            I hadn’t planed to but it’s so fucking hot, heat index hovering around 101degrees, and I am doing alot of digging trenches for water and drain lines lately. I brought it up to about 1 fist length, it will be back down past the 3rd shirt button before winter sets in good

            • Wirecutter says:

              Mine grows slow as shit, so when I do cut it it’s cut for a good long while.
              Been pretty warm here too but I have the option of coming in whenever I want, so I’ve got room to complain.

              • John Deaux says:

                Lucky you, damn power bill wil be out the roof. We didn’t get any spring this year, we went for sweatshirt to sweating our asses off over a weekend .

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