Israeli Vet Trains White SA Farmers In Krav Maga

South Africa has been freed from the death grip of former President Jacob Zuma, whose tenure at the head of the government was marred by years of corruption scandals and allegations of abuse of power. But the country’s wealthy landowners might soon find themselves wishing for a return to the bad old days as Cyril Ramaphosa, the country’s new president, moves ahead with his plan to heal “the original sin” from South Africa’s colonial past by redistributing land (without compensation) from wealthy white farmers to poorer black farmers.

What’s worse, the country’s economic malaise has been exacerbated by a severe drought that until recently had left Cape Town, the country’s largest city, only months away from “Day Zero” – the point at which the government would need to seriously intensify its water-rationing efforts as the city struggles with its worst drought in a century (fortunately, early rationing efforts have managed to push the crisis point back until 2019, though that could easily change).

Amid threats from government politicians that “the time for reconciliation is over”, there were 74 farm murders and 638 attacks primarily on white farmers last year, according to minority rights group AfriForum.
-John Deaux

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  1. David Lawson says:

    I once heard this from an Old Sweat “Africa Wins again”. As it seem that no matter what is done to improve the place. It is almost always doomed to failure.

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