Kinda reminds me of the WiscoDave/Sammy incident

The first 3 minutes is just a bunch of fake shit of a martial arts ‘master’ showing off his alleged skills. Skip ahead to the 3 minute mark to watch him get his ass handed to him.

It reminds me of when we all still believed Sammy’s bullshit about being a he-man. He was traveling around giving self defense classes and WiscoDave decided to host him.
During one of the ‘acts’, Sammy was demonstrating how to escape a headlock and he called on WiscoDave to apply one on him. Sammy failed to get out of it – twice. Twice….. Sammy apparently didn’t realize that you just don’t fuck with farm boys.
It’s a bit different when somebody doesn’t stick to the script, huh?

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25 Responses to Kinda reminds me of the WiscoDave/Sammy incident

  1. max says:

    As we often say at work, “Know what they call the guy who graduates medical school each year with the lowest grades? Doctor.” “Master” means you passed somebody’s test, it doesn’t mean you’re the best, second best, fifth best, or any other level of best at a martial art. We’ve all known an black belt, an Eagle Scout, or some other person whose credentials don’t exactly match their ability.

    • Wirecutter says:

      The thing is, Sammy has NO credentials – none, zero, zip. We didn’t bother to check, choosing to take him at his word instead.
      Shame on us.

      • But wait, he started in martial arts with Vietnamese “Vo Bihn Dihn”, I mean Japanese “Aikijutsu”, I mean…..Hell, he doesn’t know what lie he started with, right? Actually, all he started with was “Youtubejitsu”, and the rest (along with the money of the trusting and unsuspecting) is an extortionist charlatan’s history. And now he’s awarding “blue belts” that match the only kind of gun he can carry, the infamous “BLUEGUN”. His “blue belt” gives his “students” (at the “St. Maries Annex Dojo”? I guess he lost his storefront, “no shingle”, “dojo” LOL) the same standing and effectiveness as a “BLUEGUN” does in a fight.

  2. Winston Smith says:

    ‘Incredible’? What a joke. Ive seen better fights on the schoolyard.

    Don’t ever fight a pro athlete of any flavor. Don’t ask me how I know that, but I was hit 3 times before I knew the fight had started.

  3. MrMoJoe says:

    I have seen this type of thing before, The “Master” has never been in a real fight before, he was busted in the chops and had to wait a good 60 seconds to restart the fight but by then it was all over but the crying.

  4. Michael in Nelson says:

    I love the first encounter when the guy gets knocked on his ass and looks like “You HIT me!?” like it was a surprise.

  5. Mike_C says:

    >failed to get out of [the headlock] – twice.

    Coulda been worse. Here is the infamous Steven Segal story:

  6. RDB says:

    The Master looks like he was older than Yoda. Slower too. No wonder MMA guy kicked his ass.

  7. Guairdean says:

    Reminds me of this.

  8. philinpueblo says:

    I studied and taught karate for 11 years after I retired, until my aging back and legs just couldn’t take it any more. I am a 2nd degree black belt and am under no illusions whatsoever. There are a couple of the self defense techniques I MIGHT be able to make work in the real world, at least enough to enable me to run away (being elsewhere is the best self defense of all), but in a real fight with a younger man I would be in trouble, big time. The karate was worth it as exercise and a chance to be around people (the school was very family oriented, no thugs) and I enjoyed teaching the kids, But if you want to learn to FIGHT, mma is a better choice. Or boxing for that matter.

    • Harry Steele says:

      You studied the wrong “art” then, or an extremely watered down version of a good one.. I studied for 14 yrs, had my own dojo for awhile, and nearly ALL of what I learned will work quite well at ending a fight, and could very possibly kill someone if I dont hold back a little…. The old age thing is what I am also dealing with now, which means I have even less control over how hard I would actually hit someone. OH Kenny, I hosted a militia meeting on my property who had Sammy over for a “training” class… I had to leave after the first 2 minutes passed, it was so pathetic, kindergarden type stuff that won’t work.

  9. Xopher says:

    Looked to me like soft style versus hard style. I skipped to the 3 min mark. I’ve been in martial arts for about 30 years. Been to a number of dojos. Its interesting to me how some people can be very good at one thing and not understand why they should do something else. I was in an Akido dojo where they threw me around pretty good but once I reacted with a spinning elbow. Fortunately my partner caught it, to his surprise. He said, “I guess this is why I was taught to keep my hand up”. Many people don’t understand the why’s. The point is, soft can fight a hard system, but only if you practice with someone coming in hard. Too many people are afraid to hit the instructor, but as I tell people I would be a poor teacher if I can’t teach you to hit me, and you are a poor partner for me if you don’t try.

    When it is time to get busy, get busy. Aggression counts. Hard strikes count.

  10. Dana Has Great Knocks says:

    WTF was that old man trying to do, slap fight him?

  11. Al_in_Ottawa says:

    I’ve never heard of “kiai” so I looked it up. Kiai is the loud shout that Japanese martial artists use to rouse their spirit energy while striking their opponent. So you have a master shouter against someone who knows how to punch, kick and grapple and doesn’t give a damn about noise.

  12. Kenny the Scot says:

    Here’s something of interest …

  13. JB says:

    What’s that quote, ‘Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.’ I think Mike Tyson said it.

  14. Sanders says:

    When I was a kid, my Dad taught me how to street fight.

    My cousin’s dad put him in karate.

    One day, my cousin was talking about what a bad ass he was because he knew karate. I told him he was full of crap, so we decided to square off. While he was getting himself into a karate stance and such, I broke a board over his head. He was loopy for a couple days, but he eventually came back around. He never talked crap about what a fighter he was after that.

  15. paulb says:

    Kiai is not a martial art I would follow. I am a 1st Dan Black Belt in TKD and working up the belt ranks in Krav Maga. A lot of what we learn might not be usable as it is in a fight but it will help with the mind set.

    I have been in 5-6 fights in my life and I only lost one and in that one I had a plan on what I would do and it did not work. Action beats reaction and training is better than nothing. But the best self defense is the adage don’t be there.

    Over all I think MMA would be hard to defeat. Next would be force recon marines and then any of the spec warriors.

    But my most likely opponent will be a street punk that has done some wrestling with his homies. Over all I like my chances against that opponent.

  16. RP says:

    I have a black belt in ball bat!

  17. Mad Jack says:

    Don’t be there.
    Run away.
    Talk him / them out of it.
    Pepper spray, bear repellent, wasp repellent / spray.
    Pull your gat and put some lead in the air.

    That’s my strategy. So far the first and second tactics have worked very well.

  18. pigpen51 says:

    I started carrying a gun, because I can’t win a fight anymore. If someone is going to beat me up, and I can’t run away, then I have to decide if my life is in danger enough to make it worth drawing my weapon. Hopefully, I can run away first. I do know that if I get someone in a headlock I most likely will win. I am old and can’t run much anymore, but I am still strong, and doubt that many could break this old foundry worker’s headlock.
    The main thing is, I try to not be where it could be an issue.

  19. WeAreLuis>luis says:

    Fuk, If I’d want my money back if I took his class.

  20. Andrew says:

    The Air Force used to teach this in survival training.

    Get down on your knees.
    As your opponent laughs at you… pop his kneecaps around to the backside using the heel of your hand.
    Hit him in the balls so hard they come out the mouth.
    Get up, curb stomp his neck.
    Take his gun away from him (don’t shoot, that’s what the curb stomp is for.)
    If he’s still moving, smash his balls again, several times, stab him in the kidneys, curb stomp him again.
    Then, most importantly, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE!

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