Meanwhile, in Tennessee…

The 911 call reported “shots fired” — and it came in the middle of a terrifying, near-death car chase involving a woman and her ex-husband, police say.

The Tennessee woman dialed Giles County authorities around 7:45 p.m. Saturday as her ex-husband sped after her down a highway, ramming into her pickup with his own truck and firing his rifle at her repeatedly, according to the Giles County Sheriff’s Office.

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3 Responses to Meanwhile, in Tennessee…

  1. Unclezip says:

    She could have avoided all that by just making the damned sammich.

  2. Drew in Michigan says:

    Giles County Sheriff Kyle Helton said the incident was “an excellent example of agencies cooperating to resolve a very fluid situation and apprehending a violent suspect without further incident.”[/q]

    Not sure that their definition of “excellent example” is the same as mine, catching the guy in the act would have been an excellent example!

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