New Jersey and Gun Control

The gun control conundrum will continue ad infinitum. But what is happening in New Jersey should frighten anyone — gun owner or not. NJS102 will most likely be affirmed by the Democrat senate majority in the NJ legislature. The NJ Assembly has already passed the following:
-John Deaux

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4 Responses to New Jersey and Gun Control

  1. Towser says:

    Will this law pass? Maybe maybe not… YET. Either way it should serve as notice as to what the gun grabbers want for now. They always want more. Ultimately they want our heads on platters. Nothing else quite satisfies.

  2. Murkan Mike says:

    The articles connection of guns to automobiles (registration, taxation, insurance) is a silly argument, and i actually wish there would be the exact same rules, for guns the same as automobiles. Because.. I can buy any type of automobile I want, and whether it meets any emision or safety standards doesn’t matter as long as i only keep it on my property. Using that analogy, I could buy a 50 cal machine gun, as long as I never took it to the range. Also, i dont need any
    Car registration if I only keep it on my property. Please make the ownership requirements the same, i don’t need a background check or a cooling off period to buy a car.

    • crazyeighter says:

      Annnd you can walk into any dealer’s lot anywhere in the country and buy that car and drive it off. The only phone call made to verify whether your check is good or not.

      Not being able to buy a handgun after crossing a state line in the days of Instant Check is a crock of shit.

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