Only in Florida…..

This is the shocking moment an alligator being transported away from a residential area lashes out and headbutts a police officer, knocking him out cold.

The eight foot reptile, which had it’s jaws and feet bound, was being picked up and loaded on to the bag of a truck when it suddenly lashed out and connected heavily.

The police officer, who had been nearest the reptile’s jaws, took the weight of the whipping motion straight to the face as the alligator tried to wriggle free.

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4 Responses to Only in Florida…..

  1. rayvet says:

    One word. Snowflake.

  2. CC says:

    An Okefenokee kiss?

  3. Sanders says:

    That was funny.

    I’ve seen folks get knocked out by horses, too. Gotta watch that head.

  4. truthzzzz says:

    I saw a guy knocked out by a female gator when she caught him cheating on her.
    Don’t mess with them girl Gators. Words of wisdom. I dinseenuffin. So doan ax me.

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