Pistol Packin’ Mama sentenced

JUNE 14–A woman who had a loaded handgun hidden in her vagina at the time of her arrest last year has been sentenced to two years in state prison on weapons and heroin possession charges, Illinois court records show.

Anika Witt, 27, was sentenced last month after pleading guilty to a pair of felony charges as part of a plea agreement that required her to testify against a codefendant.

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7 Responses to Pistol Packin’ Mama sentenced

  1. WeAreLuis>luis says:

    made me think of the Bee Gees song, ” How Deep Is Your Love” song

  2. susan says:


  3. Heathen says:

    Saw her picture.
    Prison food will really plump her out.

  4. Dana Has a Nice Rack says:

    The picture they had shows a Kimber Hole-O, but that’s a pretty expensive gun to stick up your cooch.

    Molon Labia.

  5. Al says:

    Accidental discharge could lead to more than a pregnancy! Killer cooter? Wouldn’t that just rust the fuck out of yer shooter? Wet ammo could be a problem?

  6. greggbc says:

    How reemed out does that have to be to hold a gun.

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