Snowflake melts down over anti-socialism event

A political activist at Santa Clara University attempted to forcefully derail a recent anti-socialist event by harassing conservative students and damaging their property.

The school’s Turning Point USA chapter hosted the May 31 event to honor the victims of 20th century socialist and communist regimes by displaying 1,000 red flags on campus, each representing 94,360 lives.

“Liberals often say they are the ones of tolerance and diversity, but when someone puts on a pro-capitalism display, they lose their minds.”

Incensed by the display, an outraged individual approached the TPUSA students as they were tabling nearby, ripping up their anti-socialist posters and calling them “a bunch of f***ing Trump supporters,” club members told Campus Reform.

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8 Responses to Snowflake melts down over anti-socialism event

  1. Bob M says:

    Fat and ugly,,,, who would have guessed?

  2. Ray says:

    Drag her to the forest and feed her to the coyotes. Better still hang her in public. Pull her up so she strangles. A neck break is too good for her. The only good communist is a dead communist. The only good gun grabber is a dead gun grabber. Kill them. Kill them all. Kill them now. The only way communist can be stopped is by killing them all BEFORE the next Stalin or Pol Pot start the next genocide. Long ago American men knew this…and still had the balls to do it.

  3. idaho bob says:

    Punch the stupid bitch right in her pie hole. If she comes back, punch her again. Keep repeating until it goes away.

  4. singlestack says:

    This crap would come to a screeching halt if the conservative groups would stop being passive punching bags for these fucktards. “Taking the moral high ground” and “being better than that” is a sure path to defeat in a rumble.
    They need to do three things. First, make a formal complaint with the administration, demanding disciplinary action. Second, file criminal charges with the local po po for vandalism and assault. When possible include a charge of making terrorist threats. Third, file a civil lawsuit demanding restitution and compensatory damages for the property damage.
    Finally, there’s another more satisfying option. Just beat the snot out of the fuckers.
    Never, ever, let them get away unscathed. Always make them pay a personal price in some fashion.

  5. Winston Smith says:

    Sounds like a clearcut case of federal violation of civil rights to me. Charge her and take her welfare money.

  6. A Texan says:

    My great grandfather first had all of his property stolen from him by Russian Communists in the early 1920s. Evidently, however, that wasn’t enough for them, so in 1937 they beat that 74-year-old man so badly that he died of his injuries. So anyone in favor of socialism, or its more violent cousin, Communism, can kiss my ass. I look at each one of those evil scumbags as if they were defending the murder of my great grandfather.

  7. lineman says:

    Yea but just saying Kiss my Ass isn’t going to cut it…They will eventually get to you like they did your great grandfather and do the same thing to you…Maybe just maybe if your great grandfather would of got organized with other good men then Stalin wouldn’t have been able to kill as many as he did… Everyone needs to read this
    Especially number 6 if we are going to have any hope…
    I learned that Stalin’s «triumphs» were possible because he slew innocent people: had there been an organized movement, even one-tenth in number, but organized, it would have swept Stalin away in two days.
    Something to ponder on and then start doing…

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