Stop. I’m scared.

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  1. mrgarabaldi says:

    Hey Kenny;

    It is from the show “walking Dead”, the set is in Senoia(I don’t live far from there). The Prison is an existing structure that was used for the scenes. The “Prison” is on an access road paralleling GA16 past the GA 85 intersection. You can’t see it from the road but if you use “google Map” you can spot it.

  2. JustJJ says:

    I think the blond is tired off Carl’s crap.

  3. WiscoDave says:

    Ain’t that them Game of Thrones thing Viking bikers? You know, where they make and sell meth?

  4. NewVegasBadger says:

    WTF is that supposed to be? The stupid blonde bimbo has her finger on the trigger, pointed at the thigh of short dyke haired gal who has her finger on the trigger of the pistol she is holding. There are the 4 on the left looking they are doing a Village People YMCA. No idea of what grey bread is doing with 2 crutches under the same arm. And black chick looks like she is asking for some guy to hit on her.

    • MIke_C says:

      > No idea of what grey bread is doing with 2 crutches under the same arm
      He’s prepared for when blonde girl kneecaps him and dreadlock girl.

  5. warhorse says:

    “the walking dead” TV show cast about the middle of season 4. that’s supposed to be a prison near woodbury,GA behind them.

    of course, in real life there is no prison near woodbury,GA and the entire set was built from scratch on a movie lot in senoia,GA

  6. Rshhyt says:

    You will be when the Governor gets you…

  7. anonymous says:

    Walking Dead cast from some years back. Hollyweird folks just clowning around I guess. Pretty lame, I agree.

  8. rick says:

    Is her booger hook on the thingie?

  9. Ray says:

    The “walking dead”. Proof( if any was needed) that some people will watch the same story OVER ANDOVERANDOVER and somehow think it is great.. The “Show runners” who wright this shlock every week dose on LSD before hand. Kind of shows you how one of the stupidest and worst written TV shows of all time ran for 9 seasons.

    • Nemo says:

      IDK, I watched Season 1 which I thought was pretty well written and acted. Season II started out well, then went rapidly down hill. I stopped watching after Ep.III & haven’t been back since.

  10. DanB says:

    “Grannies got a gun” and “Blondie with a fully automatic assault weapon” – not so much.

    But all those “finger guns” really scare me!

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