Testing Gryojet Guns

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4 Responses to Testing Gryojet Guns

  1. Steenkinggreengo says:

    A friend of mine has one. 8 rounds also. His dad was a local dentist who used to take alternative payment for his services some times. I was shown a number of really high end guns that he had inherited from his dad. Unfortunately, dad took an engraver and crudely ground his name into every one.

  2. rongalt says:

    Very cool! That’s a good example of the Rube Goldberg school of ammo.

  3. Sarthurk says:

    We had a pistol version at the Sporting goods store where I worked. It was a curio. It was expensive a hell back in the late ’70’s. It was gimmick. Nobody I knew had ever shot one. I think the bullets were like 5 bucks a piece.

  4. T. Rose says:

    Elliott Marston… “An experimental weapon with experimental ammunition”
    Matthew Quigley… “You could call it that.”
    Elliott Marston…”Let’s experiment.”

    That video was cool, but where’s the Kaboom? I was expecting an earth shattering Kaboom!

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