The Fitz Special


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3 Responses to The Fitz Special

  1. Rob says:

    That English cop from Shanghai from before WW2…Fairborn was his name, he wrote a book on pistol fighting, ran a course for his cops and had statistics on how successful they were against the criminals. (you can find the book as a free download if you look around).

    That pistol reminds me of the plain clothes one Fairborn had modified.

  2. Steve (now in Idaho) says:

    I saw one of those in Viet Nam. It was in the Base Exchange at Danang. The guy was carrying it in a chest holster and looked like a helicopter pilot.
    It looked like a good “last chance” gun.

  3. BillDave says:

    Great gun, but the guy is half assed. There is a lot more behind the story as most know.

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