This ain’t nothing new

From the parks of Berkeley to the streets of Brooklyn, and in most every large city in between, they have become an almost inescapable part of urban life.

Known by many names – “crusty punks,” “crusties,” “gutter punks,” “crumb bums” and “dirty kids,” to list but a few – this group of young adults has rejected a more traditional 9-to-5 lifestyle in favor of train hopping, panhandling and voluntary homelessness.


We ran into this shit all the time when I was doing advocacy work for the homeless, and you wouldn’t believe how outraged they’d get when I told them to fuck off – we were there to provide help for those that needed it, not those that just wanted it because they were too fucking lazy to provide for themselves.
It was Reason #421 out of 750 that I got out of advocacy work.

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5 Responses to This ain’t nothing new

  1. Sanders says:

    They are all over Albuquerque. They will stake out an intersection and work all four directions. I was thinking maybe they were part of a cult, or something, as they are all young people under 25 and the girls always have “handlers”. Hell, one girl I’d see around has been 8 months pregnant for over a year.

    So, no cult. They are just lazy…..

  2. Bill says:

    They’re all over the place, here in Central California. 20 somethings and they’re organized into trading shifts at various locations and sharing signs

  3. mark says:

    Why exactly are those that work …supposed to support those that refuse to?

    Fuk Dat. Work, or go hungry.

  4. Unclezip says:

    I won’t comment on Fox, but I will here.
    The piece paints these kids with a very wide brush, emphasizing drugs and crime. And then glossing over the mental health issue and pushing the “bad background” crap.

    I know a lot of these kids personally, and yes, they like to party just as much as anyone else. A lot of them come from surprisingly affluent backgrounds, and are still connected to their families. Itinerant? Some. Most of them we We call Wanderers. The Germans used to have a similar group of youngsters they called Vondervogel – “wandering Birds”. These kids are smart, savvy, and connected, and lover each other like siblings. They will actually work, but only for immediate needs. A great many are covered with insurance, and have cell phones, supplied by those abusive parents. The ones hijacking the intersections? They are the bad seed – not the species. I’ve had up to ten of them take over my home (fumigated afterwards) for the night and never worry. They are polite, smart, always bring beer, and have great stories to tell.

    Our Christopher was a wanderer. He and his small band wandered all over the country, just looking for a place to stick. Hell, I did the same thing in my day, and didn’t stick until I was 40. His group waxed and waned over the years – some died, some went home – but it was extremely tight. Christopher was finally beginning to stick in Austin when in March he was struck and killed by a tractor-trailer. He was only 25. We just pray he finally found peace in That Special Place. His wake was awesome, colorful, and stinky – just the way he’d want it.

    Please don’t judge. I read some of the comments on Fox, and they opened some wounds that hadn’t quite healed. My Baroness still weeps.


  5. Jerry says:

    Maybe the 750 reasons could be a chapter, or even volume 2, of the book Angel is waiting for?

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