Those odds were stacked, son

Police in Big Spring, Texas, responded to a shooting call early Friday morning in a home just east of the H-E-B grocery store in town.

At first, witnesses told police the juvenile male who had shot himself in the head committed suicide, according to a news release posted to the Big Spring Police Department Facebook page.

But, according to the release, the physical evidence at the scene pointed in another direction.

Now they say a deadly game of Russian roulette killed the boy. KOSA reported that he was a teenager, but his name has not been released by authorities.


I remember reading in the Modesto Bee back in the 80s about some dumbass that played Russian Roulette with an automatic. I’m not fucking kidding.

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9 Responses to Those odds were stacked, son

  1. POd American says:

    Russian roulette with a pistol is also known as suicide.

  2. Sanders says:

    Special snowflakes have started using semi-autos for Russian Roulette because then everyone gets a trophy.

  3. Andrew says:

    Still suicide. He did it himself. Maybe assisted suicide, but still suicide.

    Stupid, in this case, does take care of itself.

  4. Lindsay says:


  5. Mike_C says:

    > Those odds were stacked, son […]
    > some dumbass that played Russian Roulette with an automatic.

    If he used, say, a Glock 26 then the odds would have been double stacked.

    Right, I’ll just show myself out the door then, eh?

  6. Jimmy the Saint says:

    Hey, reporter, if you could quit linking us with the dead kid that we have nothing whatsoever to do with, that would be great, ‘K?
    H-E-B store manager

    • MMinLamesa says:

      Hey Jimmy, Love your HEBs-we don’t have one in Lamesa so I drive up to Big Spring once a week and catch a swim at the Y and hit HEBs and Wal-Mart(they closed ours about 2 years ago)

      Do you think you could start stocking Bok-Choy and Napa Cabbage? Just a thought.

  7. California southpaw says:

    Austrian roulette if Glock. 17 tried and 17 died.


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