Time for a Road Trip

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8 Responses to Time for a Road Trip

  1. Al says:

    Ouch!!! I bit mu tung….

  2. The Rat Fink says:

    I like the one with “Fink” on the hoodie!
    (that is “Fink”… right?)

  3. Skip says:

    Hey, working ladies need to fuel up too.

  4. J says:

    Glazed ham

  5. GrandpaRed says:

    Brazil at its finest. Not a safe place for a married man.

  6. rocketride says:

    Pretty sure the last photo is the same lass as the first from behind.

  7. Stretch says:

    A friend visited Brazil for Carnival. Took 18 months before he got a clean blood test.

  8. Gryphon says:

    Strippers on the Way to Work.

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