Touchy, ain’t they?

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5 Responses to Touchy, ain’t they?

  1. POd American says:

    I thought B stood for “boobs.” You can take that to mean either titties or idiots, which by the way is Bi.

  2. Tal says:

    Don’t try that logic shit. You’ll hurt their feewings.

  3. Westcoastdeplorable says:

    You went too far this time and “triggered” them. Good Job!

  4. NewVegasBadger says:

    The only “triggered” I am interested in, is on a firearm. As for the special snowflakes: Grow the fuck up and harden the fuck up.

  5. Bacon says:

    Somewhat sadly, although there’s a B in LGBT, the truth is that many gays and lesbians don’t recognize bisexuals as being part of the queer community, unless they are ‘primarily’ G or L, or unless they are also part of the kink community.

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