Where the fuck is CPS???

One of the driving factors of the left’s cultural transformation of America is to put California’s stamp on the rest of the nation…

This is seen by the ongoing battle between state officials and the Trump administration in the form of lawsuits, the battle against the federal government to refuse to enforce immigration laws and most of all, in the indoctrination of America’s youth into transgenderism and homosexual lifestyles. In the Golden State hierarchy of humanity, only LGBTQ’s outrank illegal aliens and none are more special than transgenders.

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  1. Kenny the Scot says:

    The CPS in the UK is the Crown Prosecution Service – also known as “Couldn’t Prosecute Satan”.


  2. Bacon says:

    FWIW, transgenders have usually been considered special, throughout human history. Most indigenous cultures have had their own forms of “Two-spirit” (Berdache) individuals, and they often held important places of honor within the tribe. That said, they attained this status once they were ADULTS, not as children.

    When an adult does this, they are expressing their uniqueness. When a child is “led” to do this, it is clearly child abuse. And that applies EVEN if the child already identifies themself as trans.

    I recall an anthropological study of this phenomenon among the Plains Indians. (Unfortunately, I can’t remember which tribe was studied.) The interesting thing was that the children were uniformly raised according to their birth sex, but not given much difficulty about it when they came of age. Thus, the Two-spirits wound up with BOTH sets of skills, hunting and fighting AND gathering, butchering, keeping a lodge. Thus, they tended to be uber-competent people.

    Those who have read my past comments know that I believe that there are some trans people who are not mentally ill, but truly are transgendered. However, they are only a VERY tiny fraction of all the folks claiming to be trans today. (Among the remainder, I won’t even try to distinguish between the leftists and the mentally ill … a distinction without a difference.)

    Anyway, as one of these trans individuals once said to me, being trans is in the heart and in the soul, not in the outward presentation. Thus, that person said, they didn’t really trust trans folks who were overly fixated on “transitioning” instead of just “being their own queer selves” regardless of their body.

    • Andrew says:

      It’s like the whole gluten thing. There are a small percentage of people that are allergic to gluten, ranging from a mild annoyance to a deathly reaction. Small. Percentage.

      Yet everyone jumps on the whole ‘Gluten Free’ bandwagon. Which enriches those who are forced to be gluten free (trust me, even 20 years ago, being medically ‘gluten free’ sucked a bag of dicks. And was an expensive as all fuck diet to have to deal with. Nowadays, thanks to all the assholes, well, it’s not a complete budget breaker.)

      Yes, there are ‘two-spirits’ and actual people born with the wrong set of danglies, and some born with both sets. But… as you ponted out, they are a significant MINORITY. Which should be handled on a case-by-case basis. And not labeled as a protected minority, thus making them a part of the Others, those bands of victimhood.

      My dad had a friend when he was growing up that was male but had no ballsack or really a penis. It wasn’t a problem. Could the kid do his/her/its chores? Yep. Was it an asset to the community? Yep. And this was back in the late 30’s. In rural Catholic Louisiana.

      This whole ’embrace pan-sexuality for the children’ thing is a mental sickness of the adults. Munchausen’s by Proxy (where the parents use the suffering of their children for the parents’ benefit.) Pushing their mental screwups upon their children. Fuckers.

      • Bacon says:

        Yep. It’s a good thing that those tiny minorities, who tend to face extremely difficult lives, have been helped (somewhat) by the current insanity. And it’s a very bad thing in Every, Single, Other, Way.

    • Kenny the Scot says:

      I think I remember something about that in “Hanta Yo” which I read many, many years ago. The book by Ruth Beebe Hill, I think the author’s name was.

      • Bacon says:

        The concept is in some literature, but I’m not sure if Hanta Yo is a good example. It’s reasonably decent fiction if you don’t take it seriously but it isn’t an accurate portrayal of any Native culture. Although the author did a lot of research, she ended up mixing things up rather badly. (For example, she confused Blackfoot with Sioux.) That’s why I used to read relatively dry and boring anthropological studies.

        I think it’s a shame that so little of the literature about Native peoples is anything more than fantasy fiction. There’s plenty worth writing about but most of it gets romanticized to death.

  3. Westcoastdeplorable says:

    When I was a kid, “queers” had the shit beaten out of them. Today, our society gives them their own “Pride Parade”. So tell me again how our world isn’t fucked up?

    • Bacon says:

      Ain’t there something somewhere in the middle, between getting beaten and getting a parade? Something like, oh I dunno, being left in peace to live one’s life?

      Yeah, our world is pretty fucked up. In both directions.

  4. RWC says:

    Do an image search for C.J. Duron. It’s like its parents have their own little real life dress up doll.

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