50 feet per second, folks…..

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  1. Roger.45 says:

    So much for that pair of Jockey shorts.

  2. BadFrog says:

    50 feet per second – is that the speed that shit leaves your Gastrointestinal tract?

  3. Elliemaeclampitt says:

    Morons gotta moron, that’s what they do.

  4. Skipperdaddy says:

    I saw a big boar scoot down a holler last year using mainly his hind legs. Fucker was getting it. Been picking blackberries for the past week with one hand picking the other on my 45. Largest caliber sidearm I own , but yea I know, might not do the trick, might get it off my ass tho.

    • Hardnox says:

      A .45 will kill a black bear but not a Grizzly. The only shot you have is in the upper chest/throat area to take them out. Usually black bears will run away when they see humans unless its a sow with cubs.

      • Wirecutter says:

        The only view I’ve ever had of bears in all the time I’ve sent in the Sierras was of their asses – as they were running from me.

      • Elk Tracks says:

        A kid here in Cody, WY just got through with an investigation by Game & Fish, where he had killed a sow grizzly with a .45 auto, that charged him.
        Not my weapon of choice for sure. She had backed him up to a cliff with a long drop to rocks below; so no where to go. When she charged, he put one in her head, and another down in her spine when she went past. She ended up in the rocks below. He was just cleared in the investigation a month or so ago.

      • George Costanza says:

        Where do you live that a .45 will kill a black bear ? You will be bear shit here in Alaska if you shoot anything that small at a bear.

  5. Elmo says:

    Where does a Bear shit? In the woods.
    Where does a man whose just been charged by a Bear shit? In his pants.

  6. David says:

    Draw weapon and slowly walk away. Instead of getting your cell phone out & getting ready for a viral showing of your DEATH!

  7. Frank says:

    Stupid prizes for stupid stunts! Congratulations, here’s yer sign!

  8. Highlander (no More..) says:

    What did this idiot do? Have a Ham Sandwich in his pocket? Never had a bear looking for me like that, they where all on a scent and it was all leading straight to this idiot!


  9. Sanders says:

    Timothy? Is that you? Timmy!!! Come to lunch!


    Bear I saw last month. I got pretty excited. https://youtu.be/K5zLBiOlfsY

  10. STW says:

    I shouldn’t have laughed but living near Yellowstone lets me hear about a lot of stupid prizes.
    The only bear story that made me uneasy was told by my BIL. He’d spotted a grizzly a fair distance away which dropped out of sight fairly quickly so he went about his business. Next time he saw the bear, a short time later, it’d moved down wind from him and was using cover to make its way closer. As the stalkee, my BIL decided the inside of his truck was the smarter place to be. I believe this was just before he bought the 450 Marlin.

  11. paulb says:

    450 is a good cartridge. We had a kid last year that was in stump. saw a deer and he did not make sure he was clear of the stump. Shot the deer and the stump. did deflect the bullet some but it had enough energy to kill the deer.

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