Because….. Sportsmanship

ATLANTA — Video posted to Twitter appears to show players on the R.A.W. Athletics basketball team, an Amateur Athletic Union squad based in Chicago, getting into a brawl with officials during a game in the Atlanta area Sunday morning.
-John Deaux

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3 Responses to Because….. Sportsmanship

  1. Tsquared says:

    Black folks have been coming to Atlanta fighting, doing drugs, partying, and doing other nefarious things for years. They used to call it Freaknick and now they are calling it Basketball?

  2. oltanker says:

    All you had to say was ‘basketball’. The rest is immediately obvious.

  3. Gordon says:

    When you go to the ghetto to play ghetto ball with ghetto rats, this is what happens. Get into soccer, soccer moms are hot.

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