Calling out the vegan on his bullshit

It gets really good at the 3:30 mark and again at 5:30.

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7 Responses to Calling out the vegan on his bullshit

  1. Andy says:

    It got bad as soon as Piers Morgan opened his mouth.

  2. Frank says:

    Ya well that was so yesterday what I want to talk about is today. What we are looking at folks is a 180 pound pimple, a puss filled bag of vile looking for a place to purge! That is the left, in full display!

  3. California southpaw says:

    What’s a “plont”?

  4. beaver67 says:

    And, into the shopping cart just went another 5 pounds of bacon. Effing Libs.

  5. Gordon says:

    The homo just needs a steak dinner and bowl of ice cream. Then he would understand.

    • Andrew says:

      Or Tacos. Good tacos will cure almost anything. Good tacos with shredded beef and cheese… mmmmmm….. Maybe I’ll have tacos for dinner. Mmmmm… Tacos…..

  6. Mike_C says:

    Right off the bat: “They’ll be killed against their will.”

    Douglas Adams had this nailed in one of the Hitchhiker’s Guide books, wherein a meat animal has been bred into sentience (and is able to speak), expressly so that the animal can give its consent to be killed and eaten.

    Apropos of nothing in particular, somewhere in my dad’s house is the towel I had Douglas Adams autograph when he came to my home town for a book signing.

    I purely hate to admit it, because I despise the man, but Piers Morgan was for once NOT the biggest asshole and hypocrite on screen. Amazing. And that Carbstrong boy has VERY disturbing body language. I would really really like to hear what a trained psychologist (and/or high-level interrogator) has to say about Carbstrong’s performance; that guy strikes me as a major-league whackjob (apart from the words coming out of his mouth, even — he presents as an extremely unstable person).

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