Dog gets free cheeseburgers for life

TOLEDO, Ohio (WSVN) – A dog suffering from terminal cancer will be able to eat his favorite meal during his last days: Burger King cheeseburgers.

Alex Karcher tweeted about his dog, a boxer-lab mix named Cody. The tweet read in part, “About two months ago, my 10-year-old dog named Cody was diagnosed with cancer. He was given about 1-3 months to live depending on how fast the cancer spread.”

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9 Responses to Dog gets free cheeseburgers for life

  1. Elmo says:

    There’s nothing quite like a dawg with his head draped over your knee.
    Love ya, Cody.
    Gotta go now. Gotta find the Kleenex.

  2. carl says:


  3. George says:

    Good for Burger King!

  4. Dav says:

    Don’t eat Burger King! That shit’ll give you Cancer!

  5. David says:

    I have always liked BK more than the Clown Outfit. This action just proves I have made a good choice.

    That & You can’t buy better advertisement than this, Good for them!

  6. Scarecrow says:

    What, no bacon?!?

  7. James says:

    Cody,enjoy your meals,kudos to the Burger King for making his life a little nicer.

  8. Eric says:

    Dusty in here

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