Duct tape – holding America together since 1942

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11 Responses to Duct tape – holding America together since 1942

  1. Peter says:

    Pretty sure that not even 100mph tape will corral those titties.

  2. Edward Teach says:

    Nay…you can thank double-sided tape for that one.

  3. Critter says:

    Yep, that duck tape is mighty powerful stuff.

  4. Duncan says:

    I would gladly make the sacrifice myself to hold those boobies !!! MMMMMMMMMMM !!!!!!

  5. Max Damage says:

    I’ve been to resorts in the Caribbean where women dress like that in the evening.

    I can guarantee you that there is no duct tape or tape of any kind involved.

    What you get to see is what you get to see.

  6. Not duct tape, it’s not strong enough.
    At Amazon (of course).
    Closecret Women’s Strong Double Sided Lingerie Tape with 5 Pairs of Nipple Covers

  7. Steve says:

    Please enlighten me. I’m looking all over for the duct tape, but not seeing it. What is the title referring to?

  8. formwiz says:

    Surprised Luis isn’t there making sure she’s properly held together.

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