Epic: President Trump Eats NATO for Breakfast

Oh snap. Brilliant, simply brilliant. President Trump keeps the cameras rolling during a breakfast with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg; and absolutely crushes the NATO position on needing money to defend against Russia when NATO -specifically Germany- is funding Russian expansion financially through energy development, and simultaneously asking the U.S. for money to defend against Russia.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo looks like he is half going to break out laughing, and half saying to himself: oh, it’s on..

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15 Responses to Epic: President Trump Eats NATO for Breakfast

  1. Griz Alaska says:

    No holding back and in their face, telling them the truth.
    This is why he will go down in history, as a GREAT President.

    Take care, be safe.
    God bless.
    Griz – Alaska

  2. jack says:

    this is the first president ive ever seen stand up for us. what a refreshing change tto see these commie parasites put in their place!

  3. riverrider says:

    and then crapped in their plates, lol. the look on their faces is priceless.

  4. The woman sitting to his right looks like she’s thinking, ” The script, didn’t he get the script for American Presidents to read?”.

  5. anonymous says:

    Some good – no, GREAT stuff there. I agree with Jack above – finally, someone who is looking out for American interests, vs. the World.

  6. Westcoastdeplorable says:

    Way to go, President Trump! He’s great at sales, and most important, great at COLLECTIONS!

  7. Critter says:

    This is so wonderful

  8. Sanders says:

    Germany’s playing both sides of the fence and Trump called them out on it. Good stuff.

  9. Sunny says:

    THIS is why we hired him! It is so great. (I cannot stand Merkel, smug bitch that she is) I hope he continues in this way cause his base are known as the deplorables and this is what we want.

    • Alex Lund says:

      I cant stand Merkel too. (And I am a German.)

      And why can he not order the CIA to make Merkel disappear? You know extraordinary rendition to some islamistan sh-thole Country?
      Or putting her in some very female clothing and dropping her off before the HQ of the Saudi-Arabian Religious Police?

  10. geoffcsaltine says:

    North River that gal is Kay Baily Hutchenson US Amb. to NATO.

    • Chet says:

      Hutchenson must be over 100 years old now. She was a Texas Senator from the time she was 20 to 80 or so. Seems like we could never get rid of her. Her first five years as senator weren’t bad, she actually acted like the conservative she was voted in to be.
      Then the globalists got to her and she was worthless from then on.

  11. pigpen51 says:

    If President Trump did nothing other than move the embassy to Jerusalem in Israel, and shot down NATO like this, he has been like a sirocco in the desert. Blow those America hating, American money loving, European assholes right out of the pockets of the American taxpayers.
    Let’s add one other move that is my personal favorite, that I forgot. He appointed Nikki Haley to be the United Nations ambassador. Every time I see her talking there, she is cutting all of those men who like to look down on her off at the knees. And she looks like she just loves doing it, too. If we have to elect a female president, she would be on a very short list of one who I would love to vote for.
    Trump is a phenomenon whose time had come. The American people were fed up with the status quo of not only the Democrat party, but also, to a point, the Republican party as well. The Democrats have been made pretty much irrelevant now, and the Democrats have done nothing but help them do it. You can see it for yourself. The bigger thing is that the Republicans have also started to fight against the president also. If they are smart, they will quit messing around and start to support Trump, because the people are behind him, and they will turn out all the politicians in Washington in a heartbeat if necessary.

  12. jack says:


    put her in some very female clothing

    you mean something other than the Chairman Mao / Kim Jong Un / Hillary Clinton “dictator smock” ? that would be a refreshing change but I fear she’s not built for a leggy evening gown.

    Angela Merkel sideboob. just the thought makes be a bit queasy.

    • Alex Lund says:

      Yes, I know that Merkel in very female clothing results in eye cancer or an unstoppable desire to vomit (at least) but if she is put in a burqua before the HQ of the Saudi-Arabian Religious Police nothing will happen.
      I want her to be arrested by the religious Police and spent some time in their “care”.
      One-way ticket please. You know like Queen Marie-Antoinette of France and the Bastille or Emperor Maximilian in Mexico, if you understand what I mean.

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