For my Catholic (and Florida) readers

“The St. Gabriel Possenti Society commends a Florida civilian for using his handgun recently to save the life of a deputy sheriff,” Society chairman John M. Snyder noted here.

The patron of the St. Gabriel Possenti Society, Inc. (, St. Gabriel Possenti, used handguns in 1860 to save villagers in Isola del Gran Sasso, Italy from a gang of marauders.

“The action of the Florida handgunner mirrors the action of St. Gabriel Possenti,” Snyder said. “Both actions show that handguns can be and are used to save lives. According to scholarly estimates, there are millions of defensive gun uses in the United States each year.”

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3 Responses to For my Catholic (and Florida) readers

  1. anonymous says:

    Don’t forget St. Jeff Cooper, patron saint .45ACP, and St. Elmer Keith, patron saint .44 S&W Magnum (not many saints you see wearing mukluks !!)

  2. Winston Smith says:

    The various churches that my extended family and friends attend almost all encourage their member to carry to church. Good people going armed is always a good thing. But everyone here knows that.

  3. paulb says:

    Well, damn, that’s me for both.

    “For those who congregate to cause discord and interruption, let two of the largest Brothers, with the aid of the willing, repair to a distance with the man and show him the error of his ways.”

    Rules of St. Benedict.

    The last time this was enforced was when the gays were breaking into St. Michaels Cathedral in NY and banging each other inside and smearing jizz on everything, ‘cus they were pissed off at the church’s position on gays and AIDS. Late 80’s/early 90’s? The Cardinal didn’t have time to find enough Franciscans (who are often farmers and pretty rugged), so he sent the Hibernians (an Irish group) and some wops from Opus Dei with instructions to not get blood on anything made of fabric. The vandalism and break ins stopped almost immediately.

    Bear in mind too, that Pope St. John Paul II was not opposed to killing communists. It was he who funded Poland’s Solidarity movement, and him and Ronald Reagan who organized the arms for the resistance movements against the USSR and to keep the reds out of Central America.

    Shame that the Che-loving pinko Argentinian usurper who infests the Vatican today is as equally bloody-minded, but supports the other side.

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